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Adding Use Tax through Purchase Details

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PCard transactions made using an NAU PCard are loaded into Peoplesoft Financials for reconciliation.  The Reconciliation Process section of this training manual outlines the requirements of the Reconciler and the Approver.  Links to detailed processes of each requirement are provided throughout the Reconciliation Process section.



Approver – The NAU employee that has been assigned the responsibility for monitoring and approving PCard activity for assigned Reconcilers.

Billing Cycle - The Billing Cycle consists of daily statements that covers one month.  As an example, statements dated 7/2/2014 through 7/31/2014 comprise July's Billing Cycle. 

Reconciler – An NAU employee that has been issued an NAU PCard.

Billing Date - The file date of the Visa Statement. These are downloaded daily. 


Reconciliation Process (includes links to detailed instructions)

Reconciliation Process

1.  General Information

  • Reconcilers make authorized purchases in accordance with NAU Purchasing Policy using NAU PCards.
  • Each day, PCard transactions are downloaded from a Visa file into Peoplesoft Financials.
  • Reconcilers are required to Verify transactions for each Billing Cycle in Peoplesoft Financials no later than the close of business on the 3rd of each month following the open Billing Cycle, or the next business day if the 3rd falls on an NAU Holiday or weekend.
  • Approvers are required to Approve transactions for each Billing Cycle in Peoplesoft Financials no later than the 5th of each month following the open Billing Cycle, or the next business day if the 5th falls on an NAU Holiday or weekend.
  • Every Friday, or the next business day if Friday falls on an NAU Holiday, Contracting and Purchasing Services (CPS) runs the Post-Payment process. Friday's Post-Payment closes any Approved transactions. A final Post-Payment will be ran on the 6th of each month or the next business day if the 6th falls on an NAU Holiday or weekend for all transactions included in the previous Billing Cycle. The final Post-Payment process closes transactions from the previous Billing Cycle.

2.  Verify Transaction

At minimum, Reconcilers must Verify all transactions made against their assigned PCard in Peoplesoft Financials.  Based on individual departmental policies, the Reconciler may be required to perform some of the steps outlined in Section 3 below.

  • Open the Reconcile Statement Search page to access transactions.  If the transactions do not display, click Search on the bottom of the page.
  • Compare the vendor invoice to the corresponding statement transaction line in Peoplesoft Financials.  If the transaction is correct, change the Status to Verified.  If the transaction is incorrect, contact the vendor for appropriate correction and work with the Approver to record appropriate comments in Peoplesoft Financials.

3.  Complete Required Transaction Information


Each department will establish if these requirements are completed by the Approver or Reconciler.
  • Click on the Billing Tab to enter the actual item description.
  • Click on the Transaction Tab.
  • Click on the Public Purpose icon speech bubble to navigate to the Line Comments page and populate line 1 comments with the Public Purpose.  Click OK.
  • Upload the Documentation into OnBase.  At minimum the vendor receipt must be uploaded, however additional supporting documentation may be included.
  • If the transaction is travel related, click on the Travel Info icon Travel iconto navigate to the PCard Travel Related Information page and populate the Traveler’s Emplid, Departure Date and Return Date of travel.  Click OK.
  • Click the Account Distribution icon account distribution icon to navigate to the Account Distribution page to change the Chartfield.  Click OK.
  • If the transaction needs to be split between accounts, click the Split Line link.  Click OK.
  • If the transaction requires a use tax payment, click the Purchase Details hyperlink, then click the Sales/Use Tax link.  Calculate the Use Tax amount and enter into the Use Tax field.  Note:  The percentage calculation does not work. 
4.  Approve Transaction

  This is required of the Approver.
  • If there is a Violation on the transaction, the Approver will check the Notice of Violation box and select the type of violation that occurred.  Approver will forward the completed Notice of Violation form to Contracting and Purchasing Services. 
  • The Approver will review the invoice and ensure the Reconciler verified the transaction, will review and/or add information required in Section 3 above and Approve the transaction. 

Verify Transaction

verify transaction 

After comparing the transaction in Peoplesoft Financials to the vendor invoice change status to Verified by selecting Verified form the dropdown.

Click Save.


Search for Transactions

Reconcile Statement Search

Reconcile statement search 


To access the Reconcile Statement Page, click Main Menu>Purchasing>Procurement Cards>Reconcile>Reconcile Statement.  Statements can be searched on any field in the Reconcile State Search page.  Reconcilers can click Search to access all open transactions.

Role Name:  Valid Roles are Approver, Reconciler, and Viewer.  Approvers that are also Reconcilers will have both roles, but cannot self approve transactions.
Employee ID:  The Reconciler’s Employee ID.
The Reconciler’s Name.
Card Issuer:  
The name of the PCard bank, currently JP Morgan Chase.
Card Number:  
The Reconciler’s PCard number.
Transaction Number:  
The unique identifier assigned to a PCard transaction
The vendor name.
Sequence Number:  
The number assigned during statement load that shows where the transaction was listed in the Visa file.
Line Number:  
The transaction line number.
Billing Date:  
The Visa file date.
Statement Status:  
Valid selections are Approved, Closed, Error, Initial and Staged.  After the Post Payment process for a Billing Cycle is complete, Closed must be selected in order to see those transactions.
Budget Status:  
Valid selections are Error in Budget Check, Not Budget Checked, Provisionally Valid and Valid.
Chartfield Status:  
Valid selections are Recycled and Valid.
Transaction Date:  
The date of the transaction.
Charge Type:  
Valid Selections are New Charge, Other Credits, Other Debits and Payment.
Posted Date:  
The date the transaction was posted.


Description of Billing Tab

Billing Tab

                Billing Tab   

Select the Billing Tab to enter an appropriate description of the item associated with the transaction.

Below is a listing of fields on the Billing Tab.

Empl ID:  The Reconciler’s Employee ID
Employee Name: The Reconciler’s name.
Card Number:  Displays the last four digits of the PCard.
Card Provider:  Displays the short name for the bank, currently JPMOR.
Run Budget Validation on Save:  Check the box before Saving in order to validate budgets after reconciliation.
Row Number:  The number of the transaction in the display.
Number associated with the transaction line.
Description: Contains a description sent through the Visa file at statement load.  An accurate description for the goods purchased must be entered during the reconciliation process. This information displays on PCard reports.
Billing Date:  Displays the Visa file date.
Billing Amount:  Displays the total transaction amount.
Currency:  Displays in USD.
Prepaid Ref:  Displays the Prepaid Voucher reference number.  The Prepaid Voucher is processed by Accounts Payable to pay the bank.
Dispute Amount:  Not applicable.

Credit Collect:  Not applicable. 


Description of the Transaction Tab

Transaction Tab

          Transaction tab   

Below is a listing of fields on the Transaction Tab.
Empl ID:  The Reconciler’s Employee ID
Employee Name: The Reconciler’s name.
Card Number:  Displays the last four digits of the PCard.
Card Provider:  Displays the short name for the bank, currently JPMOR.
Run Budget Validation on Save:  Check the box before Saving in order to validate budgets after reconciliation.
Row Number:  The number of the transaction in the display.
Trans Date:  The date of the transaction.
Merchant Name:  The name of the vendor, links to the Merchant Details page.
Status:  Status of the transaction.  The Status is set to Staged when transactions are loaded into Peoplesoft Financials from Visa.  The Reconciler changes the Status from Staged to Verified and the Approver changes the Status from Verified to Approved during the reconciliation process.
Transaction Amount:  Total dollar amount of the transaction.
Currency:   Shows the purchase currency.
Lines Detail Iconlines_detail :  Provides access to the Visa Transaction Details page.

Public Purpose:  Links to the Line Comments where the public purpose and other comments about the transaction are entered during the reconciliation process.

Travel Info:  Links to the Travel Information page where travel information is entered if the PCard transaction is related to a travel event.
Distribution Iconaccount distribution iconProvides access the Account Distribution page in order to update the SpeedChart and Account information.
Budget Status:  Identifies if the SpeedChart is valid. Valid values are Valid or Error.

Select the Scroll Bar and drag to the right.

procurement card transactions   

Chartfield Status:  Identifies if the Chartfield is valid.  The display will indicate “Not Budget Checked” if the SpeedChart and/or Account were changed.
Redistrib: Will display “Yes” if the SpeedChart or Account were changed.
Voucher Error:  Identifies if a voucher error exists-this field is informational only.
SearchLink opens the Reconcile Statement Search page.
Purchase Details:  Used to access the Sales/Use tax hyperlink for entry of use tax.
Split Line:Used to split transactions for appropriate allocation to Speedcharts and/or Accounts.
Distribution Template:  Not applicable.


Public Purpose-Comments

          Public purpose comments   

Public Purpose:  Select speech bubbleto access the Line Comments page.

The Line Comments Page is used to enter the Public Purpose and other comments as appropriate.
Enter the Public Purpose on Comments Line 1.  Comments Line 1 should only be used for the Public Purpose, use the “+” to add additional Comment Lines to insert important information about the transaction.  For example, if a credit has been requested, a note to that affect may be appropriate in Comments Line 2.  After entry, click OK.

line comments 



The Line Comments are accessed through the Public Purpose link while in the Transaction Tab.  Click the Documentation button to upload receipts and other supporting documentation related to the corresponding transaction.

For the complete instruction guide, visit the PeopleSoft Financials Website. https://nau.edu/its/learn/psfinancials_pca/ 

Travel Information

          travel information   

Select the suitcase in the Travel Info column to enter travel information related to the corresponding P Card transaction.  If populated, the suitcase will contain a checkmark.

PCard travel related information   

Traveler’s Emplid:  The traveler’s employee ID, multiple travelers can be entered for one transaction.
Departure Date:  The start date of travel.
Return Date:  The end date of travel.

Account Distribution


In order to ensure transactions are posted correctly to the General Ledger, it is important to allocate each transaction to the appropriate SpeedChart and Account. The Account Distribution page is used to change the SpeedChart or Account from the assigned defaults.   

account distribution 

Account Distribution:  Click account_distribution_icon to change the SpeedChart and/or Account.

speed chart

SpeedChart:  Click magnifying glassnext to the SpeedChart field to select the appropriate SpeedChart.  Only SpeedCharts that have been assigned to the Reconciler are available.

look up speedchart 

Account Distribution 

Account:  Click magnifying glassnext to the Account to select the applicable account from the Look Up Account page.

Look up account 

Split Line


A transaction may need to be split in order to divide the transaction among multiple SpeedCharts and Accounts.  Freight does not need to be split out. 

split line 

Split Line Hyperlink:  Select to link to the Split Transaction page.

split line hyperlink

Click the “+” to add an additional row for the selected transaction. Once a transaction is split, all lines will show on the Procurement Card Transactions page where they are available to change the SpeedChart and Account or assess use tax.

split transaction 

Description:   Enter a description for the goods purchased as they relate to each line.
Transaction Amount:  Displays the transaction amount.
Billing Amount:  If splitting using amount, enter the appropriate amounts in this field for each row.  The amounts must add up to original transaction amount.
Percentage:  If splitting using percentage, enter the appropriate percentages in this field for each row.  The percentages must add up to 100%.

Purchase Details


This link is used to access the Sales/Use Tax link in order log Use Tax.  Manually calculate Use Tax for the applicable goods at 5.6%.

purchase details

Sales/Use Tax: Click to access the Sales/Use tax page.


Tax Applicability:  Select Use Tax Applicable from the drop down menu.


Use Tax:  Enter the dollar amount of use tax for the transaction line using the current use tax percentage.  Note-the SUT Code Pct: will display incorrectly-this is a bug that has been reported to Peoplesoft.
Click OK

The system automatically routes back to the Purchase Details page.

purchase details 

Click OK

To view Use Tax amount: Click account_distribution_iconand choose the second tab Details/Tax.  The dollar amount entered will show under Use Tax.  The percentage will be incorrect.  The Use Tax amount entered does not continue display if the Sales/Use Tax link is selected again.

use tax 

The use tax being reported through the above process will be recorded by Financial Accounting Services (FAS) through a monthly journal after the monthly reconciliation period is closed.  For completed PCard transactions, any use tax not reported through the above process or corrections to previously reported use tax can be entered on an IDT journal using the p-card use tax speedtype 1700460F71 as the offsetting speedtype to your use tax charge or credit (to reduce reported tax).

See Comptroller Policy CMP – 120 – Sales and Use Tax for additional information. 



If there is a transaction violation, select the Notice of Violation box and select the Violation Type from the dropdown.  Contracting and Purchasing Services will upload the documentation to OnBase after obtaining proper signatures.  The Public Purpose section is available for additional comments if needed.  These violations may be issued by the Approver and/or P Card Administrators. 

Approve-Required of the Approver


After reviewing the transaction in accordance with policy, change the status from “Verified” to “Approved” by selecting the Status of “Approved” from the dropdown.  Check Run Budget Validation on Save and click Save.



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