Phone Numbers

If you are a student, you can view and update your listed Phone numbers by clicking on the Daytime Phone hyperlink under Personal Information in your LOUIE Student Center as shown framed in red in Figure 1a below.

Figure 1a 

LOUIE Student Center
Figure: LOUIE Student Center

If you are a faculty/staff member click the phone numbers link under Campus Personal Information in the Self Service tab of your LOUIE.  

Figure 1b 

LOUIE Self Service Center
Figure: LOUIE Self Service Center

On the Phone Numbers page, you will see a list of phone numbers the University has on record for you. Notice that the *Phone Type field in the left column, framed in red in Figure 2 below, is a *Required Field. You must select a unique phone type for every phone number that is listed. You can also indicate which one of the phone numbers you wish to be contacted at by clicking the checkbox in the Preferred column for that number, as shown framed in red in Figure 2 below.

If your phone numbers have changed, you can change the phone numbers on this page to match your current phone numbers by following these directions:

  • In the Telephone column, click inside the text box next to the number you wish to change.
  • Press the backspace key, or highlight the phone number and press the delete key on your keyboard, to erase the number in the box.
  • Type in your new phone number for that Phone Type.
  • Remember to click the Save button after you have made your changes. If you do not click the Save button, your numbers will remain the same.

You can also delete a listed phone number by clicking on the Delete button to the right of the phone number that you wish to remove. Then, follow the directions for Figure 2 below to learn how to add a new phone number to your Personal Portfolio.

After verifying that the numbers listed on your Phone Numbers page are correct, click the Add a Phone Number button.

Figure 2 

Phone Numbers
Figure: Phone Numbers

You will now see a new row of text boxes at the bottom of the list of phone numbers where you can add a new phone number.

Click on the down arrow in the last *Phone Type text box in the left column. Select the phone type you wish to associate with the number you will be adding by clicking on it. (This field must be unique so be sure not to select one that is associated with another number on this page).

Figure 3 

Phone Numbers
Figure: Phone Numbers

Now, you can type in the new phone number and the extension for that number, if there is one.

Type the new phone number you wish to add into the blank text box at the bottom of the Telephone column. If there is an extension to this number, type it in the blank text box at the bottom of the Ext column. Click on the Save button to add this phone number to your Personal Portfolio.

Figure 4 

Phone Numbers
Figure: Phone Numbers