MyNAU Customization

Customize MyNAU and make it your own.

With MyNAU, you can personalize your pages (and even add pages) with the tools and information that interest you.  Find out how with the tutorials below.


Find & Add Content

Learn how to find and add content to your MyNAU pages.

 1. Click the Customize tab below the blue header bar (beneath your email address) to open the customization palette. (If you don't see the Customize tab, you are currently viewing an app in focused mode; click Return to Dashboard in the upper right corner of the app.)

MyNAU Customize Button 

2. When the palette opens you will see a list of all the available apps on the Add Stuff menu. You can limit the number of apps showing by entering a keyword into the Search for stuff box or choosing a Category. Use the up- and down-arrow buttons on the right to scroll through the list of apps. To add one to your page, you can either drag the title bar of the app to your page, or click the blue Add button that appears when you position your cursor over the app's title bar. After the app is added to your page, you can move it to the location you want (see Move and Rearrange Content below). In the image below, the cursor is hovering over the Bookmarks app title bar, which activates both the "move it" cursor and the blue Add button.

You can add as many apps as you'd like to any MyNAU page.

MyNAU Customization Palette 

3. If you don't want to add the app to your page but just want to try it out or use it once, select Use it from the left-hand menu, then click the blue Use button that appears when you hover over the app's title bar. 

4. When you are finished customizing your page, click the blue I'm Done button at the bottom of the palette, or the Customize tab again, to close the palette.

5. To add a new page, just click the Add Tab link on the navigation bar of MyNAU: 

Add New Page


Remove Content

To remove apps or content that you don't use, simply click the delete button at the upper right of any app.


  • Some apps do not have a delete button and cannot be removed
  • Anything that is removed can be added back by using the Customize palette.


Move & Rearrange Content

Most content can be moved around on the MyNAU Home page.

To move content click the top of the app with your mouse and drag it to your desired location.
MyNAU Customize Help - drag and drop


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