iPad Printing to ITS Printers

iPad Printing

ITS has made it possible to print from an iPad. Similar to Web Print, users have the ability to print from their iPad to any of the ITS printers on campus. For a list of locations, please visit our general printing information page here. University staff: if you would like iPad printing available in your department, contact the ITS Solution Center.

Installing the PaperCut App

When trying to print from an iPad, several steps need to be followed, even for administrative users. First and foremost is the installation of PaperCut on the device. Not only will this add the PaperCut applications, it will also add the printing profile that enables the user to access printers. With the PaperCut app installed, users are also able to track their print jobs and view their NAU print balance (or otherwise ensure that they are not being charged if the user is subject to free printing).

PaperCut App Install - Browser

  • An Install Profile dialogue box will appear. Select Install.
PaperCut App Install - Profile
  • An Unsigned Profile prompt will appear. Select Install Now.
PaperCut App Install - Install Now
  • When the printing service has successfully installed, select Done.
PaperCut App Install - Installed
  • You should now be able to see and have access to the PaperCut application on your dashboard.
PaperCut App Install - App

Using the PaperCut App

The next step for printing will be for the user to open the PaperCut app and log in with the proper NAU credentials. This ensures that the user will be able to release a print job when they send it to the printer. Without logging in to the PaperCut app, the user will not be able to gain access to their print job.

Logging In

  • Open the PaperCut application on your iPad by pressing the PaperCut icon.
PaperCut Login - App
  • Log in with the proper NAU credentials.
PaperCut Login - Credentials
  • You should now be properly logged in to the PaperCut app. From here you should be able to track your print jobs and view your NAU print balance.
PaperCut Login - Balance

Sending a Print Job to a Printer

  • Open any printable application (primarily a web browser or the iPad notepad).
iPad Print - Notes
  • Located at the bottom of the page for the notepad and to the left of the address bar in most browsers should be a tool button. Press this when you are ready to print.
iPad Print - Tool
  • When you press this button, you will then select Print which will open the print settings box.
iPad Print - Settings
  • From here, you should be able to select the printer you would like to print to, the number of copies you would like, and whether or not to print the job double-sided.
iPad Print - Options
  • To choose a different printer, press the Printer box at the top and a new list will open with the available printers.
iPad Print - Printers
  • When the options are as desired, simply press Print.

Checking the Status of a Print Job

  • Open the PaperCut app once again. Your print job should now be displayed as "Pending Release."
PaperCut App - Status

Releasing a Print Job

 In order to retrieve the job from the desired printer, there are two options you can follow.

Option 1:
The first option involves releasing the print job from NAU's online print summary site:
  • Log in with the proper NAU credentials.
iPad Print Release - Credentials
  • Navigate to "Jobs Pending Release" on the lefthand taskbar.
iPad Print Release - Pending Release
  • Release the job by pressing Print.
iPad Print Release - Release
Option 2:
The second option is applicable if the printer being used is connected directly to a print release station (most printers are):
  • Releasing a job via print station is just like releasing a job via Option 1. Simply log in with the proper NAU credentials, find your job in the list, and release the job by clicking Print.
iPad Print Release - Release Station

Reviewing a Print Job

  • Open the PaperCut app once again. Your print job should now be displayed as "Sent to Printer."
PaperCut App - Review


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