You can find out whether you have any holds on your account using the Holds area of your LOUIE Student Center.

This can be found located on the right hand side directly under the green Search For Classes button as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 

Holds in LOUIE 

Most students will see a Holds Summary page similar to the one in Figure 2 below. If you have no holds, there is nothing you need to do before you enroll for classes. However, in case you do have holds, you will see directions on what to do in Figure 3 of this tutorial.

Figure 2 

Hold window with no holds

When you have holds listed on your LOUIE account select the details link within the Holds tab to get more information.

Holds on your record may prevent you from enrolling for classes or even from graduating. Some possible holds that might be put on your record include parking fees, library fines, computer lab printing fees, an advisement requirement, or Scholarship hold. However, some holds like the ones shown below in Figure 3 are just informational and informing you of your current academic status.

After selecting the Details link you will be brought to a list that enumerates all of your current holds and contains links to the individual ones for more information. Click on the links located under Hold Item in the Item list to see this information.

Figure 3 

Hold Information Links 

The information about the specific hold you have selected will include a description, the start and end term of the hold, the reason for the hold, the department that issued the hold, contact information on who to call to resolve the problem, and even a set of instructions on how to go about getting your hold removed. After viewing the information on the hold you can return back to the hold list by clicking the return button in the bottom left corner as shown below in Figure 4.

Figure 4

Holds Details in LOUIE

You can also access you hold information in your MyNAU Portal.

Located in the Student Center under your course list there is a link called Holds as shown in figure 5 below.

Figure 5

Holds in MyNAU

Select the link and it will pull up a menu similar to the one shown below in Figure 6. If you have no holds, none will appear. On the menu you will see the information about you holds.

Figure 6

Hold Details in MyNAU


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