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This training consists of 7 units and a Security and Confidentiality Agreement Form. At the end of every unit is a short quiz that you must receive at least a 70% on to pass this course. Once you have viewed all of the modules, carefully review and agree to the Security and Confidentiality Agreement Form. If you would like a copy of this form for your own records, or would like to view it with a screen reader, please download the PDF version. You must complete all 7 Units with at least a 70% on the quiz and complete and electronically sign the confidentiality statement to pass this course.

Each unit will open in a new tab in your internet browser. Once you have completed the training unit and are taken to a page that confirms your completion of the unit, you must hit the "x" on that tab to leave the page and return to the HIPAA training main page to begin the next module.  

NAU HIPAA Training Units

Unit 1 - Key Concepts

In this section, we begin with the penalties associated with a HIPAA violation to emphasize the importance of following the law, then, we cover key concepts and terms within the HIPAA legislation.

Unit 2 - Using and Sharing Information

This unit of the HIPAA training program will give you an overview of the goals of HIPAA's privacy and security requirements. We will also review several of HIPAA's key terms and concepts, and briefly illustrate how the privacy standards affect the day-to-day activities of the clinic.

Unit 3 - Notice of Privacy Practices

This section of the program reviews the provisions of the Notice of Privacy Practices that we must give to each patient the first time they visit our clinic as well as the procedures that must be followed in distributing the notice.

Unit 4 - Authorization

This section examines the situations in which we cannot use or disclose protected health information without the patient's authorization.

Unit 5 - Accounting and Disclosures

HIPAA gives patients the right to receive an accounting of certain uses or disclosures of their health information if they request it. This section explains how we should maintain the records we would need to produce these types of accountings, the procedures by which a patient may request an accounting, and the production of the actual accounting of disclosures.

Unit 6 - Patient Access to Information

This section reviews the procedures patients must follow to obtain their protected health information from us, and to request changes or corrections. 

Unit 7 - Information Security

HIPAA requires that we safeguard the security of the information that we collect, transmit, and store. This section provides a basic overview of security and the prevention of unauthorized access or use of information, of unauthorized or accidental disclosure of PHI, and of unauthorized or accidental destruction of records.

HIPAA University Security and Confidentiality Agreement

Please carefully read and agree to Northern Arizona University's HIPAA Security and Confidentiality Agreement. If you would like a copy of this form for your own records, or would like to view this form with a screen reader, please download the PDF version.


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