Outlook Web Access: Accessing Shared Email

How to access a user's shared email

Accessing another user's shared email account in Outlook Web Access (OWA) can be achieved by following these step-by-step instructions.

Step 1

 Web address bar

 Open a web browser, type "iris.nau.edu/owa" in the address bar and press "Enter/Return."

Step 2

 IRIS Login Screen

 Make sure the security option, "This is a public or shared computer" is selected.

Step 3

 Enter Login Credentials

 Log in with your NAU user name and password.

Step 4

 Email Account menu

 Right-click your account name in the left pane of the mail screen.  In the menu that appears, click "Open Other User's Inbox."

Step 5

 Open Other User's Inbox

 In the window that opens, click the "Name" button.

Step 6

 Address List

 Select the name of the user whose inbox you would like to access.  You can use the search bar to find the desired user more quickly.

Step 7

 Open Other User's Inbox (click OK)

 After making your selection in Step 6, you will be returned to the previous window.  Click "OK" to complete the process and gain access to the selected user's shared email.


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Outlook Web access provides secure access to NAU email, contacts, calendars and tasks via a web browser.