Outlook 2010: Search Contact List By Name

Searching Your Contact List to Send an Email

You can run a search through your Outlook 2010 email contacts by following these step-by-step instructions.

Step 1

New Email
Figure: New Email
Open Outlook and left-click "New Email" on the far left-hand side of the ribbon at the top of the window.

Step 2

Email Window ("To" button highlighted)
Figure: Email Window ("To" button highlighted)
In the new window, left-click the "To" button next to the top text field.

Step 3

Select Names from Address List
Figure: Select Names from Address List
In the dialog box, left-click the "More columns" search option.

Step 4

Address List Search Results
Figure: Address List Search Results
Type in a name and left-click "Go" to display a list of contacts with that name.

Step 5

Address List contact selection
Figure: Address List contact selection
To narrow your search down, type the last name of the contact you are searching for in addition to their first name, and left-click "Go."  When you find the name of the desired contact, double-click their name in the search results to add them to the email recipient list.  You can add multiple recipients by repeating this step.  When you are finished, left-click "OK" to go back to the email window.


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Outlook 2010 is a emailing, calendar, and contact management software from the Microsoft Office suite.