Email Addresses

You can view your Email Addresses information by clicking on the NAU E-mail hyperlink in your LOUIE Student Center as shown framed in red in Figure 1 below.

Figure 1

LOUIE Student Center
Figure: LOUIE Student Center

The only email address that will be maintained in the new LOUIE Student Administration System is your NAU provided email address. All NAU email communication will be sent to your NAU e-mail address. It is your responsibility to check for messages from NAU professors and administrative staff at this address even if you use another email address.

Notice that the delete button on the Email Addresses page, displayed in Figure 2 below, is grayed out. This will not activate any process when you click on it.  

You can add an Email Address by clicking on the button Add an Email Address.

Figure 2 

Email Addresses
Figure: Email Addresses