EBusiness Development

EBusiness Development Account Request

The EBusiness Account Request form is to be completed/submitted for a test EBusiness account.  Once submitted, the account request information is reviewed and approved by the Comptroller’s office.  After approval, a test Local Merchant ID (LMID) is assigned to the department's account.  The LMID is one of the unique identifiers that is passed to the EBusiness server.  The contact employee is contacted via email with the newly assigned test LMID.  This individual will also receive the daily reports once transactions are processed.

Once the department has tested their web site and is ready to migrate into production, a production LMID will be assigned by ITS to the department's accounts.

If you need to obtain a web account (to house your department's web page) on one of the servers located at ITS, please refer to the ITS Web Hosting page.

Important resources you will need:  


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