eBusiness Frequently Asked Questions

What type of credit cards does the EBusiness Online Payment process accept?

NAU currently accepts American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and JCB (Japan Credit Bureau). 


Can customers use their debit cards to make EBusiness online payments?

Yes. Both Visa and MasterCard debit cards are treated and function exactly the same way a regular type credit card does. As long as the card being used has a credit card logo, it follows the exact same authorization and bill process. 


How does a customer go about getting a refund?

At this time, credits can not be made directly to a person's credit card via EBusiness.  Each department is responsible for their own refund procedures via the NAU financial system.  If the customer has an NAU employee id or a student id a manual Check Requestform can be filled out.  If the customer does not have either an NAU employee or student id, a PD document has to be completed.   

Please note:  EBusiness (web) transactions cannot be refunded via a POS terminal.   


What is validated when a customer makes a payment with an echeck?

The routing number and account number are validated, and the integrity of the account's checking history is verified.  Account balances are not verified.


What are the fees associated with using EBusiness?

Departments will be charged a monthly fee according to the Comptroller’s office policies (CMP 301-04 Authorization and Procedure for Departmental Credit Card Acceptance).  On average, the fee has been about 2-3% per transaction, depending on the card  Please contact Joseph Sturm (523-6056) in the Comptroller's Office if you have any additional questions. 


What do I need to do to move my process into production once I am done testing with EBusiness?

Be sure that you have replaced the test LMID with the newly assigned production LMID (obtained from ITS).  Post to the EBusiness production server (https://ebusiness.nau.edu) instead of https://ebusiness-test.nau.edu.


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EBusiness enables departments to accept online payments via credit card or electronic check.