EBusiness Daily Procedures

EBusiness Daily Procedures

EBusiness Daily Reconciliations 

EBusiness Daily reports 

EBusiness Daily Procedures Contacts

Please contact the following individual if you have questions regarding: 

Bursar's Office:  Jeane Olson (523-5900)  

  • Error messages
  • Reconciliation differences

Comptroller's Office:  Joseph Sturm (523-6056) 

  • EBusiness transaction fees
  • Refund questions
  • Reconciliation differences

Information Technology Services:  Holly Coast (523-2842) 

  • LMID assignments
  • Technical aspect of EBusiness

 For help with departmental web page development that utilizes EBusiness, please contact the ITS Solution Center at 523-1511. 


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EBusiness enables departments to accept online payments via credit card or electronic check.