Drop a Class

If you have enrolled in a class that you no longer wish to take, click on the hyperlink called Enroll in your LOUIE Student Center.

You will find it located under the Academics heading to the left hand side as shown framed in red in Figure 1 below. If you do not see Enroll or the list of hyperlinks underneath the Academics heading, click on the green triangle in front of the word, Academics, to display them.

Figure 1


After selecting Enroll you will be directed to a new page that looks like the one shown below in Figure 2. On the top of this page there is a navigation bar. One of the tabs in that bar is titled drop. Click on it to bring up its information.

Figure 2

Drop Tab

Before you can drop your desired class or classes you must choose your current academic semester as seen in Figure 3.

Figure 3

Term Select

When the Drop Classes page opens, the list of courses you are currently enrolled in will be shown. Check the box next to the class you wish to drop.

Now, click the green button called, Drop Selected Classes, located at the bottom of the Select classes to drop page, as shown framed in red in Figure 4 below.

Figure 4  

Select Course

Next you will see a page where you are asked to Confirm your selection. If this is the correct course you wish to drop, click the green Finish Dropping button. If you wish to drop a different class, click the Previous button to go back to the Select classes to drop page and select a different class. If you no longer wish to drop the class, click the blue Cancel button (Figure 5).

Figure 5

Confirm Course

Once you have clicked the green Finish Dropping button, you will be shown a View results page, as shown in Figure 6 below, which confirms that you have dropped the selected class. If there is a green check mark under the status column, next to the class you dropped, the drop was successful. If you see a red X in the status column, there was an error and the class was not dropped. If you receive this error when dropping a class in LOUIE, please talk to your advisor.

Figure 6 

Results of Drop

How to Drop a Class in MyNAU Portal

If you want to drop a class from the MyNAU Portal, start by clicking on the Enrollment link located under your course information in the Student Center as shown in Figure 7.

Figure 7

MyNAU Enrollment link

Then, in the Enrollment tab select Drop a Class (Figure 8).

Figure 8

Drop a Course in MyNAU

Follow steps corresponding to Figures 4-6 described above in How to Drop a Class in LOUIE.


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