Directory Maintainer

Responsibilities of a Directory Maintainer

A Directory Maintainer is responsible for keeping a department's information in the directory current.  


How to Become a Department's Directory Maintainer

You need to complete the Directory Maintainers Training
You need to complete the FERPA training
You need to have the current owner or director/chair of the department opening a ServiceNow ticket to request that you be added to the Organization Owners Group for your department or they can contact the Solution Center at 928/523-1511.


Acceptable Overrides

Multiple Positions

If the Employee works in more than one department override this data if the department is not the person's primary job at NAU. Otherwise the data needs to be changed at the source.

List of fields to override:

  • Telephone Number
  • Internal Phone Number
  • Post Office Box


These fields are acceptable to override to display different information at anytime.

List of fields to override:

  • Building Code (only if you choose not to display it)
  • Job Title (If you need a better working title) 

Optional Fields

These fields don't exist on a person's directory entry so you must add them when associating them with a department. These fields are optional and should only be filled in if you wish to display this information.

List of fields to override:

  • Room Number
  • Leave Status


Related Services

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Directory Services stores and displays direcory infomation for people and departments at NAU.


Training & Documentation

This is the required training for those people responsible for maintaining and updating the Information Directory for all departmental information.