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The LOUIE Student Center includes information that is specific to your studies and student information at Northern Arizona University. When you login to LOUIE, you will see a page with your name on it in the LOUIE Student Center, similar to the one shown in Figure 1 below which displays information specific to our sample student. This is your LOUIE Home page.

To view your class schedule, click on the other academics drop down menu under the hyperlinks in the Academics tab located to the left as shown below in Figure 1 and select the Class Schedule link then the circle button to the right of the menu with the two arrows inside.

If you do not see the drop down menu or the list of hyperlinks underneath the Academics heading, click on the green triangle in front of the word Academics to display them. 

Figure 1

LOUIE Class Schedule tab 

You will then be directed to select the term for which you wish to see your schedule. Click the circle radio button next to the corresponding term as seen in Figure 2. And then click the green continue button in the bottom right side.

Figure 2

Term Select

From here you will end up at your My Class Schedule page. This page will list all of your courses and the information and details relevant to the course. As shown outlined in red in Figure 3 below, you can change your view to a weekly view by clicking on the radio button to the left of the Weekly Calendar View located at the top of the page.

To change your term click the green change term under the Display Option View choices.

Figure 3

Your Schedule

You can see an outline of your schedule on the LOUIE home page (Figure 4). If you click on the clipboard picture with the blue encircled “i” outline below in green located to the left of the courses, you will be directed to the corresponding course’s deadlines page.  If you select the chalkboard and eraser image outline in blue below also located to the left of your courses, you will be directed to Blackboard Learn. To view your schedule in a weekly view, select the weekly schedule link located under the courses list (outlined in red).

 Figure 4

Schedule side links

Your schedule will look similar to the one shown in Figure 5. To go to list view, select the radio button to the left of the List View text at the top of the page (shown outlined in red). At the bottom of the page there are some filter options as well. These allow you to change what classes are displayed in your calendar above.

Figure 5

Weekly View

You can also view your schedule in your MyNAU Portal. On the MyNAU home page the Student Center will show a broad outline of your schedule. On the navigation bar on the top to the schedule (shown outline in red in Figure 6) you can select your term. The lined page located to the left of your courses shown outlined in green will bring up details for that course. The clipboard picture with the blue encircled “i” outlined in blue will bring up deadlines that correspond to the course.

Figure 6

MyNAU Course information


Training & Documentation

View your Weekly Calendar in LOUIE.