Adjusting Modules and the Navigation Pane in Bb Learn

Personalizing the Bb Learn Home Page

In Bb Learn all the modules except the My Courses module can be hidden and unhidden by the collapse arrow button in their respective upper left hand corner. Clicking the arrow button again will expand the module back to its original size.

Collapse arrow button

Some of the modules even have the option to be removed. If you accidentally remove one or decide you did not want to delete it in the first place, you can bring it back by clicking the Add Module button.

Add Module button

From here you can select the modules you with to add to your home page.

Select modules to add

There are two ways to reorder the modules as well.

  • The first is to click the top name bar of the module, hold, drag to the new location, and drop it where you would like it to be displayed.

Drag and drop module

  • You can also click the double arrow button located in the right hand corner next to Personalize Page and use the arrow buttons to reassign the order of the modules.

Reorder modules menu

*Note: the My Courses module is fixed in its current location and cannot be changed.

Hiding the Navigation Bar in a Course

When you are in a course you will see the main home screen for that course as well as a left hand course navigation pane.

Course home page

In the left hand corner of the course navigation pane there is also an arrow button so that the pane can be collapsed. Like the arrow buttons on the Bb Learn home page, this button can be used to both to hide and expand the navigation pane.

Hide and expand navigation pane

You can also hide the entire pane by hovering your mouse in the space between the navigation pane and the course description panel  and clicking the Hide Course Menu arrow button attached to the right of the navigation pane.

Hide Course Menu button

To make the course navigation pane visible again, click the arrow button again.


Training & Documentation

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