How to Create and Email Passes for Shared Files in BBLearn

In BBLearn's Content Collection, you can create links to your shared files and folders and email those links to people who are not affiliated with the University. This can be accomplished by creating passes. This guide will show you how to create a pass in BBLearn and use the built in sharing features to email that pass to the recipient. Note that the steps in this guide can be used by anyone. This includes third parties users who are not NAU students, faculty, or staff.

Step 1

 BBLearn Create Pass 1

In your BBLearn Content Collection, locate the desired file. Hover your mouse cursor over it, and left-click the arrow icon that appears next to the file name.

Step 2

 BBLearn Create Pass 2

In the menu that appears, left-click "Passes."

Step 3

 BBLearn Create Pass 3.5

On the next screen, left-click "Create Pass."

Step 4

 BBLearn Create Pass 4

For the pass expiration, you have the option of "No expiration," which allows you to create a permanent pass. You can also set an upper limit on the lifetime of the pass so it will expire. Use the "Select Permissions" drop down menu to select the desired permissions. The options here are "Read," "Read/Write," and "Read/Write/Delete." When you are ready, left-click "Submit."

Step 5

BBLearn Create Pass 5 

Once you have submitted the pass, a link will be created for your file. You can email this link to whoever you want to share the file with.

Step 6

 BBLearn Create Pass 6

To email the pass to a third party, make sure there is a check in the check box next to the desired pass, and left-click the "Email Pass" button.

Step 7

 BBLearn Create Pass 7

On the next page, type the email address of the desired recipient into the "To" field. Type your subject and message, and left-click the "Submit" button to send the email.


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