How To Request A New Affiliate Online

To request an affiliate online you must have access to the Affiliate Request page in LOUIE.  Read the section titled Security Access to Administrative Transactions.  This section includes the links you need to get a LOUIE Security Form and the instructions on how to process the form.  The role you need to request is NAU_CC Affiliate Requestor.           

All affiliates are required to follow University policy.  This includes, but is not restricted to, the Email Usage Policy, the Network Acceptable Use Policy for Faculty and Staff, the Security Policy, and the FERPA Data Management and Data Security Policy.  Each affiliate should be familiar with these policies before their affiliation status is granted.

Here are the steps to perform the online affiliate request.

Log on to LOUIE with your user id and password.

 Click on Campus Community.
 Click on Affiliation/Affiliate Managmnt.
 Click on Affiliate Request.
 Click on Add a New Value.
 The request form should appear.

Section 1: Affiliate Request

The information given in this section is critical to establishing a unique identity for the affiliate in the PeopleSoft system.  Fill in all the blanks as completely as possible.


  • Affiliate Name:  Enter the first, middle name or middle initial, and the last name of the affiliate.
  • SSN or Alternate ID:  The first choice for this entry is always the affiliate’s social security number.  If the affiliate does not have or refuses to provide a social security number an alternate form of identification must be provided.  This can be any form of identification such as a drivers license, visa number, passport number, or any id unique to the affiliate.  It is required that one of these fields be filled in.
  • Phone: If possible the phone number given should allow the affiliate to be reached locally or by cell phone.
  • Date of Birth: The affiliates date of birth is a required entry.
  • Address 1: A local address is preferred, but any correct address is acceptable.
  • Affiliation:  By clicking on the provided look up you can access the complete list of affiliation types.  Enter the affiliation type code for the affiliation that best describes the affiliate’s association with the University.  If none of the existing types are suitable and you want to create a new type, you can return to the web site at and get instructions on how to create a new affiliation type.
  • Begin Date: The date you would like the affiliate to be established.
  • Expiration Date: The default expiration date is one year.  You may enter a date that is less than one year out.  (Note: some affiliation types go for longer that one year.  Retiree, Emeritus, and some academic computing affiliations are special cases that have received extensions due to the nature of the affiliation).
  • Relationship with NAU:  Enter a brief description of what the affiliate will be doing while associated with the University.
  • Additional Services:  List any services different from the default services for the affiliation type that the affiliate would like to have.  If more services are requested a brief justification is required.  Examples of service changes would be a request for a domain account, additional library access, or access to special databases.

Section 2: Sponsor 

  • Sponsor:  Based on the affiliation code entered the default sponsor’s first and last name will show.  You may change the sponsor.  The sponsor must be an NAU employee at the director level or higher.  For more information on who can be a sponsor return to the Affiliate web site.
  • Phone:  Based on the affiliation code entered the default sponsor’s campus phone number will show.  If you change the sponsor enter the correct seven digit campus phone number for the new sponsor.

Section 3: Contact

This section is where the information on the primary contact person is entered.  This person does not have to be associated with NAU. 


  • Contact EMPLID: If the contact is an NAU employee, enter their emplid here.  Leave blank if the contact does not work at NAU.
  • Phone: Enter at least seven digits of the contact’s phone number.  Include the area code if the contact is outside of Flagstaff.
  • Email:  Enter the contact’s  email address.  If the contact is an NAU employee you click on the ‘Get Email’ button to retrieve the contact’s email address.
  • External Contact Information:  This must be entered if the contact is not associated with NAU.  Example:

         John Locke


  • When this section is complete click on the Submit Request button at the bottom left of the form.

 Your screen should show the following display.  Click on the “Return” button.
 Your screen should return to the Affiliate Request home page.
An email has been sent to the Affiliate Management office informing them of your request.  When the request has been processed an email will be sent to the sponsor and contact letting them know that the affiliate is in LOUIE.  The email also has information on the steps the affiliate must take to get the electronic services, if any, that they are eligible for.  This completes the Affiliate Request process.