Add a Class Using LOUIE

During enrollment you can add a class to your schedule using the LOUIE Student Center. Add/drop dates can be found on the NAU Academic Calendar. Your personal open enrollment dates can be found by clicking Enrollment Appointment in the right column of your LOUIE Student Center. For more information, see the View My Enrollment Dates tutorial or contact your advisor.

  1. Click Enroll under the Academics heading on the left hand side of your LOUIE Student Center (Figure 1).

    Note: Academics will automatically appear after logging into LOUIE.


    Figure 1

  2. On the Select Term page, select the appropriate term and click the Continue button (Figure 2).


    Figure 2

  3. There are two options for adding courses to the cart: Enter the Class Number and Find Classes (Figure 3). See the Search for Classes article for how to use this option. For this article, we will assume you have the class number.

  4. Enter the class number in the Enter Class Nbr field and click the enter button (Figure 3).


    Figure 3

  5. The Enrollment Preferences page displays a summary of the selected class. The Class Preferences section shows if the class is Open, Closed, or has a Waitlist (Figure 4). This page also provides a field for entering a Permission Number, if one is needed for an override. Contact the department offering the class if you need a Permission Number.

  6. Click the Next button to add the class (Figure 4a).


    Figure 4a

  7. If the class is full, you must opt into the Wait List (Figure 4b). Check the Wait List box to opt in, then click Next.


    Figure 4b

  8. Click the Proceed to Step 2 of 3 button (Figure 5).
    Note: If you opted into a class with a Waitlist, you can still click the Proceed to Step 2 of 3 button.


    Figure 5

  9. If the class you entered has a Waitlist, the Status will change accordingly.  On the Confirm classes page, confirm all of the information and read through the Terms and Conditions carefully (Figure 6). You cannot move to the next step until you acknowledge that you’ve read the Terms and Conditions.

  10. Check the Terms and Conditions checkbox.


    Figure 6

  11. Click the Finish Enrolling button (Figure 7).


    Figure 7

  12. After enrolling, you will receive a confirmation message (Figure 8).


    Figure 8

    If you opted into a class with a Waitlist, your confirmation message will include an additional message (Figure 9). The message also tells you your position on the Waitlist. 

  13. Click the My Class Schedule button to view your schedule after enrolling in classes.


    Figure 9

    The My Class Schedule page has two display options: List View and Weekly Calendar View. Click the radio button to switch views (Figure 10). Figure 11 shows the List View and Figure 12 shows the Weekly Calendar View.

  14. You can also change the Filter Options to include or exclude enrolled classes, dropped classes, and waitlisted classes. Select the checkboxes for the types of classes you want to view, then click the filter button.


    Figure 10


    Figure 11


    Figure 12

    If you enrolled in any online classes, these will appear at the bottom of this calendar.  If you have been waitlisted for the class ‘Waiting’ will appear below ‘Course Title’  (Figure 13).


    Figure 13


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