Windows 8: NAU-Guest Wireless

Step 1:

Click on the "Wi-Fi" icon in the bottom-right hand corner of your desktop

Windows 8 Wi-Fi Icon

Step 2:

A list of networks will appear on the right side of the desktop. Select the network labeled "NAU-Guest".

Windows 8 Wireless Networks

Step 3:

If you would like to use this as your default connection check the box labeled, "Connect Automatically". Click the "Connect" button.

Windows 8 Guest Connect

Step 4:

Open a web browser. A page will display information regarding the network. Please read the "Terms and Conditions" and Click the "Accept" button.

Windows 8 Terms and Conditions


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On the Mountain Campus, most Academic and Administrative buildings have NAU-Guest available to all NAU guests and provide basic access to internet resources only.