Microsoft Home Use Program

Purchasing Software from the Microsoft Home Use Program

The Microsoft Home Use Program entitles NAU Faculty and Staff to purchase one copy of Microsoft Office per year.

  1. To purchase Microsoft Office for home use you will first need to log in to the Microsoft Home Use Program portal. The Microsoft portal log in will ask you for both your NAU Email address (typically:, as well as the program code for NAU. To obtain the program code for the Microsoft Home Use Program please visit:

    MS HUP 1.5
  2. Once you have successfully logged in to the Microsoft Home Use Portal you will be presented with a confirmation page notifying you that you will receive an email confirmation page.

  3. The link from your email confirmation will then direct you back to the Microsoft Home Use Program portal page which will present you with the option to either buy Microsoft Office for either PC or Mac.
    MS HUP 1
  4. After selecting the proper version of Microsoft Office you will be guided to your checkout cart.
    MS HUP 2
  5. On the checkout cart page you will be given the option to add media to your purchase. This media (either CD or DVD) will contain the software installer. You Do Not have to purchase the additional media as you will be given the chance to download the file directly to your computer. (Please note that if you do not order the media that you will need to place the installer package in a safe place as you will not have the opportunity to download it again.)

  6. After completing your software selection you may continue on through the checkout process.  Fill out the required fields indicated by the red boxes in the image.
    Microsoft Home Use Program Billing Information      Microsoft Home Use Program Payment Information


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