Nancy K Romero Memorial Scholarship

Nancy K Romero Memorial Scholarship

About the Scholarship

The Nancy K. Romero Memorial Scholarship Fund was established by the Chief Information Technology Officer and the family of Nancy Romero after Nancy’s tragic death on December 5, 2002. Nancy had been a hard-working and faithful employee of Northern Arizona University for over 20 years. Based on a recommendation from her colleagues in Information Technology Services (ITS) and permission from her husband and family, the existing ITS Scholarship Fund was renamed as the Nancy K. Romero Scholarship Fund on December 11, 2002. Since Nancy devoted most of her life to the higher education of young adults, this scholarship is meant to help students with the ever increasing expenses of pursuing a college degree.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for the Nancy K. Romero Memorial Scholarship, you must be an NAU student employed by ITS at the time of application. You must be employed by ITS for at least four months prior to the award date, with employment continuing to the award date. You also need to have applied for financial aid and submit a copy of your FAFSA letter with your application. Two awards will be given each academic year; you may apply for and receive an award once per academic year.

How do I apply?

To apply for the scholarship you must write an essay using the guidelines stated below, and submit a printed copy of the essay, along with a copy of your FAFSA award letter, to the ITS Scholarship Committee. You may send your application materials through campus mail to: ITS Scholarship Committee, Box 5100, or drop them off at the reception desk of the ITS department (building 54). You can obtain a copy of your FAFSA award letter from the Office of Financial Aid if you don't have a copy available.

For the Fall 2016 application, we will also accept electronic submissions.  To apply online visit the NKR Memorial Scholarship Online Application.

The topic of the essay is an explanation of why the applicant deserves to receive the scholarship. The essay should be no more than three double-spaced pages, and should include a cover page which contains the Student’s Name, ITS Department, and Supervisor. The essay should also include the following information, either on the cover page or in the body:

  • Start Date at ITS
  • Degree Program
  • Cumulative GPA
  • Year in School
  • Full/Part Time
  • Student Status

The essay should be of term paper quality. The committee will evaluate applicants based on the following criteria:

  • Content and quality of submitted essay
  • Academic achievement
  • Participation in University or community service extracurricular involvement such as clubs, student leadership, etc
  • Financial need
  • Life circumstances
  • Length of service to ITS

The GPA of the selected applicant will be verified prior to making an award.

What is the deadline for applications?

The deadline for submitting applications for the Fall 2016 award will be April 29th, 2016 at 5pm.

For More Information

If you need more information, contact the scholarship committee at the following email address:


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