Full NAU Exchange Student Accounts

ITS doesn’t recommend or typically approve Full Exchange Student Accounts unless they meet certain criteria. This is because of policy and procedural restrictions due to changes applied to the student for the remainder of their student affiliation with the university, regardless if they continue working for NAU or not. Due to these changes, once a student has been given a Full Exchange Student Account it can only be removed by request from the student. The department will not have the ability to “Delete or Disable” the Full Exchange Student Account. In almost all cases it works to the advantage of the department and student to use a Shared Mailbox.

What is a Full Exchange Student Accounts?

A Full Exchange Student Account is different from an SW Account in the fact that they get an email account that is no different from a Faculty or Staff account. Included are:

  • A First.Last@nau.edu email address
  • Their primary email is switched from the student gmail account to the Full Exchange Student Account. 
  • Their account will not expire until their student affiliation is no longer valid

How can these changes impact a student's account?

  • The NAU Directory and many other systems on campus which list the students email address will now show the Exchange account as their primary email account and this has the potential to start sending important student related emails to their Exchange account.
  • This account sticks with the student until they leave the university 
  • Although many are not aware of this, there is a large different between the right students have to their email and the rights Faculty/Staff have to their email. If your student worker has important emails to your department in their account ITS cannot extract or access their account without their permission.
  • They will now have two completely different emails for NAU which can lead to confusion for the student and for those trying to contact the student.
  • When the student is no longer affiliated with NAU then their Exchange account will expire requiring them to move any sensitive students email to another account.  

Will students still have access to their student Gmail account?

 Yes! The Exchange account is created in addition to their student Gmail account. If someone address and email to their UID@nau.edu it will still end up in their Gmail account.

How do I know if my student qualifies?

In order for the student to qualify, their job with NAU must be of the type that would require an individual email account. Typically we grant this account to Teachers Aids, some Graduate Assistants and Resident Hall Directors. Each one of these positions requires a form of communication that should not be in the students Gmail account and a shared mailbox isn’t quite appropriate.

How do I request a Full Exchange Student Account?

A Full Exchange Student Account must be requested by a students supervisor.

To request a this type of account please contact the ITS Solution Center at 928-523-1511


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