About Us

Information Technology Services operates and maintains information technology and telecommunications services in support of the Northern Arizona University mission and goals. Services include academic support, administrative systems support, student services, telecommunications, and faculty and staff support and training.

   ITS team members collaborate on a design 

To achieve its goals, Northern Arizona University must continue to take advantage of the latest information technologies to remain competitive among its peer universities and to meet students’ expectations. A highly integrated, extremely reliable, nearly always on IT infrastructure, which provides first class academic and administrative services and systems, is our vision.

Northern Arizona University's IT infrastructure environment consists of a variety of information, computing, and telecommunication systems designed to meet the needs of a complex higher education institution.  The University envisions an electronic learning community that meets the needs of on-campus and extended campus students, faculty, and programs while supporting outstanding teaching and learning, research, and efficiently managed administrative systems.

As Northern Arizona University’s “digital utility,” our administrative and academic systems employ web-delivered solutions that are user-friendly, promote a self-service capability, and support the better use of data for decision-making.  Such systems will make important information more readily available, thereby improving the access to the University's information resources and enhancing the effectiveness of information analysis across university departments.  Our administrators, scholars, and researchers expect the University’s IT systems to be like other utilities…always available. This level of service requires our systems to be built using high reliability and redundant techniques. Northern Arizona University is committed to providing such “always on” services.