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Native American Cultural Center

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NAU Land Acknowledgement

Northern Arizona University sits at the base of the San Francisco Peaks, on homelands sacred to Native Americans throughout the region. We honor their past, present, and future generations, who have lived here for millennia and will forever call this place home.

Native American Cultural Center

A dedicated cultural center to call home

Students in search of support, culture, and community can easily find it at the 12,000-square-foot Native American Cultural Center (NACC), located in the heart of the Flagstaff campus. Built in 2011, the NACC “home away from home” is a campus hub where students can access services, attend cultural events, study, and socialize.

The only facility of its kind in the entire Southwest, the NACC provides resources that help students navigate the university and support their academic success. It is a warm gathering place for students, scholars, Tribal collaborators, the university community, and the public. On average, the NACC serves more than 10,000 students per year, welcomes 70,000 visitors, and hosts 465 events per year in various capacities, such as tours, educational presentations, concerts, cultural events, and student services.

The center embodies Native values and symbolizes NAU’s commitment to Indigenous Peoples. The main doors open to the east, greeting the sun every morning. Like many traditional Indigenous homes, the NACC has an open gathering space in the center of the building. The NACC also hosts a Story Room specifically designed to accommodate our students’ spiritual needs.

The NACC was built with core funding from the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians of Highland, California, and the support of numerous other donors. In addition to the Office of Native American Initiatives (ONAI), the NACC houses the Office of Indigenous Student Success (OISS), which provides culturally competent, individualized support for American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander students through services such as Indigenous Connections to Success, Field Day, and Indigenous Peer Mentorship.

Students with Ann Marie Chischilly in the field house.

Navigating the future with generational wisdom

The Native American Cultural Center also houses the Elders/Cultural Advisor Program to provide students with cultural support and model the relationships students often miss while away from their home communities. Elders offer students intergenerational learning through cultural activities, hands-on workshops, visits, and lectures.

Programs inspire an understanding of Indigenous knowledges and philosophies directed at providing a holistic approach to student, faculty, and staff support.

  • Elders Advisor Program
  • Indigenous Cohorts of Care Program
  • Indige-Jacks student employee program
  • Resources for Success Program

NACC Programs offer opportunities to attend virtual and in-person events at the NACC.

Become involved at the NACC email us at

Ann Marie Chischilly at ITEP Anniversary celebration

NACC is home to the Office of Native American Initiatives led by Vice President of Native American Initiatives Ann Marie Chischilly, ONAI seeks to make a substantial and enduring contribution to a new era in Native American/Indigenous self-determination. ONAI fosters five main programs and many partnerships that strive to support NAU’s goal to become the leading university serving Indigenous Peoples.

  • partnering with Native American and Indigenous communities
  • collaborating with tribal colleges and universities
  • contributing to a culture of support for Native American and Indigenous students
  • building bridges to and from Indigenous-serving institutions across the globe

ONAI offices are located on the second floor of the NACC and office on the north side of first floor.

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Navajo Nation landscape

Drawing strength from your roots

At the Office of Indigenous Student Success (OISS), students find connections for events, activities, programs, and additional resources for balancing academics and cultural commitments.

  • Personalized academic, financial aid, personal, and cultural guidance
  • Indigenous Peer Mentor Program
  • Faculty and peer mentoring
  • Connections to resources for tutoring, childcare, and more
  • Native American alumni outreach

Honoring roots

Supporting and encouraging Indigenous students

The Office of Native American Initiatives in conjunction with NAU Marketing, worked together to create logos and graphics that represent ONAIs Core Values of Relationships, Responsibility, Respect, and Resilience. These logos and graphics are a collective representation of values that are upheld within many different Indigenous communities.

The four cardinal directions are considered sacred in Native American cultures.


The water droplet shape is found in Native American jewelry and other circular designs.


The sun illustrates responsibility by showing the effect that it has by reaching out with its rays.


The corn stalk likeness is found on many Native American images.


Interior room in the Native American Cultural Center
NACC rooms
The NACC will be accepting room reservations on a very limited basis. For student organization room requests, email
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Operating hours

Operating hours are Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Questions? Call 928-523-9557 or email

The Office of Indigenous Student Success will be available and can be reached at 928-523-8086 or email