Supervisors Academy

All of the Professional Development class descriptions and link to register for them can be found on the Learning and Development page. 


Supervisor Academy Schedule:

Supervisor Orientation- Wednesday, February 28th 8am-12pm AND Thursday, March 1st 8am-12pm in the 1899 Ballroom.  We provide breakfast on both days

Participants then choose the Tuesday or Thursday cohort.



Tuesdays at 8:30 am - 10:30am 

Thursdays at 1:30 pm-3:30pm 

Cohort Session 1

March 6, HLC – Rm 2403

March 8, HLC – Rm 2403

Cohort Session 2

March 13, HLC – Rm 2405

March 15, HLC – Rm 2403

Cohort Session 3

March 27, HLC – Rm 2403

March 29, HLC – Rm 2403

Cohort Session 4

April 3, HLC – Rm 2403

April 5, HLC – Rm 2403

Cohort Session 5

April 10, HLC – Rm 2405

April 12, HLC – Rm 2403

Cohort Session 6

April 17, Applied Research & Development (ARD) building #56– Large Pod 

April 19, HLC – Rm 2403

Cohort Session 7

April 24, HLC – Rm 2405

April 26, HLC – Rm 2403



What past participants are saying about the Academy:

"It was a great experience. One that was both beneficial professionally and personally, and I recommend it to anyone looking to grow as a person and a leader." 

“Anyone who supervises anyone should participate!!" 

“This is a useful and meaningful program that supports the growing responsibilities and careers of people working at NAU. It is a handy tool box of tips, and methodologies, and it is a fascinating way to share common problems and processes from very divergent areas of campus.” 


"Such a great experience overall. This kind of work and exposure is so important for NAU as a whole and for the individuals who work here. The opportunity to collaborate and interact with people across the university in this effort to grow, understand and improve was valuable, too. Good people, great information and such a nice way to spend time."