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Applying to NAU as an international student

Welcome! Whether you are applying directly from your home country or transferring from another United States campus, we are here to help as you apply to NAU.

What’s your path to NAU?

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We’ll guide you, every step of the way

We are excited you chose NAU. We have resources and answers to your questions to help you get started on your NAU degree.

Beginning your international college journey at NAU

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Acceptance letter? Check.

Already accepted to NAU? Congratulations! Prior to your arrival, make sure you complete the admitted student checklist and attend orientation to ensure you’re off to the right start!


International transfer students without a post-secondary degree must have a 2.50 GPA to be considered for admission to NAU. Transfer students with an associate or bachelor’s degree will be considered for admission with a cumulative GPA of 2.00.

Glen Dsilva at Buffalo Park
“I’m not used to people being so friendly in India. At least from where I come from in Mumbai, it’s a city, and it’s a fast city. People don’t have time for you. But when I came to Flagstaff, I was like, wow, people randomly smile at you. People are so friendly. They care about you. Now, I cherish that.”
– Glen D'Silva, pursuing a doctorate in Mechanical Engineering, Flagstaff Campus