Student Health Advocacy Committee (SHAC)

Our purpose:

  • Act as a two-way liaison between administration and the students regarding health care issues
  • Act as an advocating body for student wellness and promote a healthy lifestyle on campus

Member responsibilities:

  • Attend weekly SHAC meetings
  • Plan and attend various health events throughout the year
  • Participate in committee work and meetings
  • Manage health marketing materials
  • Advocate for health policy change
  • Create and give health presentations
  • Conduct health related surveys or interviews with other students
  • Represent Campus Health Services within the general student body
  • Communicate with the group, your committees and advisor
  • Be ethical and responsible in all SHAC endeavors


  • Build your resume!
  • Interface with Medical Services Administration
  • Enjoy a work space in HLC, Health Promotion Office
  • Help others
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Make a difference on campus