Program in Community, Culture and the Environment

The Program in Community, Culture and Environment (CCE) facilitates interdisciplinary collaborations and partnerships among students, faculty, and community organizations in order to:

  • promote grassroots dialogue, relationships, knowledge, and capacities for political action that will deepen and extend democratic engagement among the diverse communities of the Colorado Plateau
  • enhance ecological sustainability
  • support diverse, flourishing cultures and opportunities for reciprocal learning
  • encourage artistic expression to cultivate perception and insight, critical inquiry, ethical courage, and joyful gratitude in relation to the histories we inherit and the places in which we live
  • aid in discerning and creating common goods
  • work in collaboration with community associations and local governments to promote just economic practices that care for, enhance, and empower communities, cultures, and the environment
  • explore possibilities for mutually-beneficial collaboration with kindred efforts

CCE hosts workshops, symposia, exhibitions, issue forums, and other activities that allow community leaders, cultural organizations, and citizens to interact with each other and with the environment they share.


CCE began in 1998 when local philanthropist Frances B. McAllister established an Endowed Chair in Community, Culture, and the Environment at the university. The program embodies McAllister’s commitment to civic life, the role of the arts in culture, the natural environment, and to the intentional, collaborative shaping of sustainable and thriving communities.