Office of Sustainability

It is the Office of Sustainability's vision to showcase a living laboratory where students study and participate in the development of social equity, economic stability, and environmental stewardship. At the Flagstaff campus, students live, learn, eat, play, make purchases, use energy, and participate in every possible aspect of life—NAU is a micro-community! As such, NAU has the opportunity to demonstrate to larger cities, the nation, and the world what a truly healthy and sustainable environment can look like. 

What We Do

The Office engages NAU students, employees, and community members around sustainable initiatives to fulfill our vision. The Office utilizes NAU's Sustainability Action Plan to promote environmental stewardship in the areas of Recycling and Waste Minimization, Transportation, Operations, Procurement, Water, Energy and Climate Change, Academics, and Research. 

Read our brochure on Creating a Culture of Sustainability to see specific examples of how NAU is living, learning, researching, community building, and advocating for sustainability.
NAU is also a member of  Second Nature's Climate Commitment. The two main objectives of Climate Commitment that guide NAU's sustainability actions are: addressing the climate challenge by reducing global warming emissions and by integrating sustainability into their curriculum. These actions will better serve our students and meet our social mandate to help create a thriving, ethical and civil society.

Energy Mentors

The Energy Mentor program trains volunteer faculty and staff across campus to become educated sustainability leaders who encourage other members of the campus community to join them in reducing NAU's environmental impact.

If you're an NAU employee and are interested in helping to make NAU more sustainable, become an Energy Mentor!

Green Office Certification

Once someone in your workplace becomes and Energy Mentor, take the next step and get your workspace, office, department, or building - Green Office Certified!


If you have an idea for how to help NAU become more sustainable, contact us to see if you can turn your idea into an internship!

Resources for Office of Sustainability Employees