Green Jacks


Green Jacks, also known as the Student Environmental Caucus, seek to create a culture of sustainability on campus. Every student, faculty, staff, and administrator at the university can be a Green Jack.

As an organization, the Green Jacks respond to the interests of its members. A few signature events include Better World Film Series, Earth Jam, and helping out with Earth Week. If you have an idea for an event please let us know.

Check our Facebook page for updates.

Fall 2017 Better World Seminar Series

All events in this series are held in the International Pavilion Auditorium from 6:00-7:00pm


September 21st      Women in Environmental Movements
October 23th      Debate! GMO's Good or Bad?
November 20thSuccesses in Sustainablity
November 28thWater in Flagstaff


Interested in being a speaker for one of the series or a co-host? Contact Sarah Holditch.


  • Collected thousands of signatures to increase the Green Fee (continuing to work with administration to see it increased!)
  • Collected thousands of signatures and worked with administration to get a solar array on the San Fransico Garage!
  • Coordinate special conservation events like Earth Jam and the Everybody Party
  • Better World Seminar Series Organization
  • Volunteering at home football tailgate recycling and Green Game
  • Reusable Cup Marketing Campaign
  • Organize Earth Week 
  • Promote the Better World Film Series
  • NAU's Annual Earth Hour 
  • Skydome 2013 Homecoming Waste Audit
  • Sustainable Green Cup Tailgate at Homecoming (2011, 2012)
  • Hot Topics Café: “Windfall”
  • Partnered with the Solar Mosaic crowd-sourcing event
  • Partnered with the New York Times and the American Democracy Project on “Times Talk,” which focused on water, climate change, and food issues
  • Helped organize the 10/10/10 Global Day of Action

How to get involved

There are many leadership opportunities available with the Green Jacks. E-mail us to sign up for the listserv and find out information about upcoming meetings.  

Resources for Green Jack chairs


Dylan photo

I believe that as human beings, the mere fact that we have a conscious and the ability to contemplate ethics is enough to justify our moral obligation in maintaining a healthy environment. In my own opinion, awareness and information spreading is one of the best ways to activate change within a community. This is why I have involved myself in the Green Jacks with the hopes of inspiring others to pursue a life of sustainability and become more passionate about the health and well-being of the environment. With a degree in Environmental Studies I intend on becoming more involved in politics to help influence better policy and laws that take the environment into consideration. At NAU, we have seen great progress made through student advocacy and organization, and I would like to see that continue to grow.


Carlie Calloway


I came to NAU from a small town in Texas because of the emphasis the university placed on the importance of environmental sustainability. As an Environmental Studies major with an emphasis in Global Sustainability, I strive to inspire the people around me to take action against climate change. I found my passion for both sustainable change and education my senior year of high school when I was the student teacher for an Environmental Science class. Education is the most important catalyst for change and in order to make a difference we must be actively involved and educated on the issues of today. I believe that the Green Jacks are creating a community of strong environmental stewards and positive leaders that inspire the student body through their actions. I am proud to be a Co-Chair and I am excited to learn, grow, and inspire alongside my fellow Green Jacks.