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Franke BCC writing resources

The following web links are to multiple writing resources to help students improve their business writing skills as well as obtain help with APA citation style formatting and research techniques.

Three-step writing process

1. Plan

Analyze the situation

  • Define the purpose for writing
  • Develop an audience profile

Gather information

  • Determine audience needs
  • Gather information satisfying those needs

Select the right delivery vehicle

  • Select the best delivery vehicle for delivering your message; e.g. e-mail, direct mail, website, video, etc.

Organize the information

  • Define the main idea
  • Limit the scope
  • Select a direct or indirect approach
  • Outline the content

2. Write

Adapt to the audience

  • Use the “you” attitude, politeness, positive emphasis, and unbiased language.
  • Build credibility with the audience
  • Project company’s preferred image
  • Use conversational tone and appropriate voice

Compose the message

  • Choose strong words that create effective sentences and coherent paragraphs

3. Complete

Revise the message

  • Elevate content and review readability
  • Edit and rewrite for clarity

Produce the message

  • Use effective design elements for a clean and professional layout

Proofread the message

  • Review for errors in layout, spelling and mechanics

Distribute the message

  • Deliver the message using the chosen communication vehicle
  • Ensure all document and relevant files are distributed successfully

APA resources

APA guidelines and formatting requirements
APA blog

Thank you letters

Professional thank you letters are an important part of the job search and interviewing process. Feel confident while writing yours.

Video resources

The BCC has gathered a collection of videos that offer tips on various aspects of professional life.

Additional resources

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