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Schedule a BCC consultation

What you should know about your consultation

Follow the instructions below to book an appointment, then submit your paper via e-mail to We want to be a help to you, so we MUST receive your paper by noon the day prior to your appointment so that we have time to review it. Please note: For Monday appointments, we MUST receive your paper by noon the prior Thursday, as the BCC is closed beginning at 5:00 p.m. on Fridays and does not reopen until 8:00 a.m. on Mondays.

If you have any trouble with our online service, call us at 928-523-7341 or e-mail us at

Changing or canceling your reservation

If you cannot attend a scheduled appointment, log into the Scheduler, go to My Reservations, and select your appointment. You can then change the date/time or you can cancel your appointment. You can also call the BCC at 928-523-7341 or email us at

Scheduling a BCC consultation

  • If you’ve never scheduled an appointment with us before, our online calendar is the easiest way to schedule consultations:
    • If using a computer in the FCB, schedule a consultation. Log in with your FCB Username and password.
    • If using a computer outside the FCB, connect to the NAU VPN. Need help setting up the NAU VPN?
  1. Once logged in, under My Quicklinks, select Bookings.
  2. Click an OPEN time block (WHITE). A popup window should appear. If it does not, check that your browser is set to allow pop ups!
  3. Select Start and End time for your appointment.
  4. In the Summary field, enter a brief description of your paper, including: course number (e.g., MGT101), professor’s name, and paper length
  5. SAVE and Close to make your appointment.

Remember: once you have scheduled your consultation, submit your paper via e-mail to

Tips for a successful consultation

  1. Expect to work. The BCC is a resource for enhancing writing skills that will advance your career. The BCC is not an editing and proofreading service. Rather, our consultants will teach you to effectively edit and proofread your own work.
  2. Bring a list of your concerns. If you identify problems with your paper before coming to the BCC your consultant can better help you address them.
  3. Schedule a consultation early in your writing process. This allows you time for careful revision as well as the opportunity to schedule a follow-up appointment.
  4. Plan follow-up sessions. Good writing and communication skills develop with practice and critical feedback is vital to learning. BCC consultants can help you develop solid techniques for clear communication throughout your career.

ADA Accommodations: If you have a disability please let us know so we can accommodate your needs.


Can I drop off my paper for editing?

No. We are not an editing service and will not return work unless you schedule a consultation. Our goal is to develop and enhance your communication skills so you can eventually create professional, well-written documents without the help of the BCC.

Do I have to submit a draft before my appointment?

For Tuesday – Friday appointments, papers must be received by noon the day prior. For Monday appointments, papers must be received by noon the prior Thursday. You may hand deliver a copy of the paper to the BCC or e-mail the paper to the following:

How do I submit work via e-mail?

To submit your work, e-mail and attach the assignment your instructor prepared along with the most recent draft of your work.

May I schedule an appointment if I haven’t written a first draft?

Yes. Our consultants will meet with you to discuss how to approach your topic. To make the most of your consultation e-mail the assignment and a working idea for your topic prior to your session.