Instructional Leadership, emphasis: K-12 School Leadership (MEd)
Students and employers participating in a career fair.

Professional recognition program

PRP for faculty and staff

Thank you so much for participating in the Professional Recognition Program (PRP). Your interaction with students in the classroom, in your office, or at FCB programs and events, will help our students to develop and practice professional behavior on a daily basis. Follow this link to rank participating PRP students. Please refer to the PRP rubric for reference.

At the beginning and near the end of each semester, you will receive an email from the PRP Advisory Board and/or from Undergraduate Programs reminding you to rate your students.

Note to faculty

It may also be helpful to review the document included in the Faculty Information Directory (found in the I: drive), which provides additional PRP information, including “best practices” from other faculty who have found the PRP useful, sample syllabi verbiage, and FAQ.