Instructional Leadership, emphasis: K-12 School Leadership (MEd)
Business students collaborating in a lounge.

Employers and recruiters

There are many ways that employers and recruiters can connect with our students. You can reap the benefits of a fresh source of talent, energy, and enthusiasm through the following opportunities:

Post jobs with us

Posting your job and internship opportunities with us is easy.  Send a PDF or Word document to us at  We will post the opportunity on our websiteFacebook and in the weekly student newsletter

Be sure to include how you would like the students to apply for the position.  Let us know when the position is filled with an NAU student and we will remove the posting.

Internships for students

Collaborate with the student and/or Career Development Office staff to construct an employment experience that promotes productivity for the organization and is an appropriate learning experience for the student.  

To find out more, check out the FAQs for internship providers.


HANDSHAKE is an online employment database exclusively available to NAU students and alumni. To create a profile for your company on HANDSHAKE, you need to create an account by clicking the “Employer” tab and following the step by step instructions. 

If you have questions about HANDSHAKE and setting up your profile contact for assistance.

Career Exploration Day

Recruitment efforts can be more direct by participating on our once-a-semester Career Exploration Day and through on-site interviews. Contact the Career Development Office so we can discuss how we can make our students your prospective pool of talent!  

On-site interview reservations can be made through the Career Development Office at 928-523-1291 or by email at

Corporate panel

Open to all business majors.  Representatives from our business partners will discuss their company and the opportunities available to students.  Students will have the opportunity to ask questions toward the end of the session; as well as, drop off their résumé with the panelists.

View information on 2016’s event HERE. To be a part of our Corporate Panel events contact

Career Week

Held twice a year in October and February.  Events are planned each day to help prepare students for the Career Exploration Day.  Our recruiters conduct mock interviews and résumé reviews, join us on the Corporate Panel to speak about what skills are important to get hired, opportunities at their company and how to present yourself on social media. 

If you would like to be involved please contact Still curious about career week? Read about 2014’s event here.

Information session

Evening and afternoon information sessions and networking events sponsored by your company.  Set up a time to speak with our students about your company and opportunities for jobs and internships.  Contact

Classroom and club presentations

Interested in speaking in our classrooms or with our Business Clubs and Fraternities?  Contact us to let us know which student organization you would like to meet with and we will assist you in getting the word out about your company.  

Contact for more information.

Honoring our alumni

We love to hear from our Alumni!  Join the Alumni Association or follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook.