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The W A Franke College of Business students walking through the crowd at a career fair.

Selling program: why sales

Why sales?

Find a career that matches your lifestyle.

Do you enjoy being rewarded for your hard work and effort? Do you like uncovering problems and finding creative ways to solve them? Would you like to develop valuable skills that are transferable to most careers? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you owe it to yourself to explore a career in sales.

Achieve career goals

Create the opportunity to find a job in the area of business you are truly passionate about. Transfer your education in sales to work in an environment that fits your personality, whether it is in manufacturing, wholesale, retail, or service-oriented industries.

Advancement opportunities

Companies highly value individuals skilled in sales because they know the product or service the company sells better than anyone. In addition to product knowledge, sales professionals interact and learn from customers and other people vital to the company. This knowledge puts sales professionals in line for a quick progression track through the company, with the potential of one day becoming CEO.


A career in sales offers you more freedom and flexibility to get work done. Sales professionals often have the ability to control their own schedules to account for their personal lives. The same old daily routine is nonexistent to sales professionals, because they are interacting with different people and tasks on a daily basis.

High demand

Sales professionals are in demand by all types of companies worldwide. Some statistics place the odds of taking a sales job upon graduation at approximately 80% for all marketing majors. Nearly every type of company needs sales professionals, which makes the options of companies to work for nearly limitless. Focusing on professional selling during your college education will position you perfectly to get hired upon graduation.

High earnings potential

Sales positions allow ambitious individuals to earn much more than a starting salary. Salaries permit employees to live comfortably, and the commissions and bonuses associated with sales provide near-endless opportunities. In addition to high earnings, the job security associated with sales positions empowers professionals to be financially stable throughout their careers.