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Corie Bangle, MBA Class of 2012

Northern Arizona University, Assistant Business Manager Athletics

“It was always a goal of mine to get an MBA from Northern Arizona University. NAU offered the WRGP tuition assistance program. This meant that  I could apply for in-state tuition rates since I was from the Western United States. After being accepted for WGRP I was ecstatic because I could  achieve my goal of getting an MBA.”

Gahtlin Banks, MBA Class of 2013

Returning Peace Corps Volunteer-Belize University of Florida, BS Business Administration

“As a RPCV I was looking for an M.B.A. program that incorporated my interest in sustainable business – I found that at NAU.The Peace Corps Coverdell Fellow graduate assistantship provides me the opportunity to work with a local non-profit organization that is dedicated to improving local community businesses.”

Eric Bayles, MBA Class of 2014

United States Marine Corps Accenture, SEC Analyst

“One of the primary things that attracted me to the NAU MBA program is the fact that it offers a specialized accounting MBA. It’s the best of both worlds; not only do you get an MBA in 10 months, you have enough credits to sit for the CPA Exam when you’re through. The class sizes are small, the professors are accessible and helpful, you get invaluable feedback on things such as résumés and mock interviews, and the professors genuinely try to know you as a person and steer you to a company where you will fit in with the culture. The NAU MBA program won’t just help you get a job; it will help you get the job that’s right for you.”

Varun Bongu, MBA Class of 2011

Stanley Security Solutions, SAP CRM Lead

“I’ve had 20 years of education and this last year has transformed me the most. I now know I’ll be successful wherever I go, whatever I do. If Mr. Buffett is calling us on and on, he has seen some value in the students of NAU, especially The W. A. Frank College of Business.”

Kameron Holbrook, MBA Class of 2011

PFSweb, Account Manager

“I look back at the year in the program, I realize how much my time management skills improved and set me up for success in my career after athletics. The program gave me excellent opportunities to expand my network outside of the collegiate athletic ranks.”

Reha Karadag, MBA Class of 2014

Reha Karadag, MBA Class of 2014

“NAU’s MBA program with applied management concentration, simulating real-world challenges,  provided me with a wide-lens perspective on business. The faculty fosters an ethical business culture and focuses on the individual development of students. The executive job shadowing program extends MBA experience beyond classroom with invaluable networking opportunities and exposure to senior business leadership. Studying MBA at NAU is one of the best investments an aspiring manager can make.”

Justin Kolodziej, MBA Class of 2014

United States Coast Guard Moss Adams Staff/Assurance

“If you’re leaving the military to return to college, then choosing the right university has a lot to do with successfully transitioning to civilian life and achieving your academic goals.  The W. A. Franke College of Business gave me the personal attention and sense of belonging that I needed. Aside from having great instructors and staff the MBA program is accelerated, which is great for those of us eager to return to the workforce.  And their team based program gives veterans the opportunity to apply their skills at working as part of a group in a new setting.”

Chris Moriarty, MBA Class of 2012

Ernst & Young, Assurance Staff

“This rigorous program has been noticed by many of the public accounting firms in the state and helped me land a job with Ernst and Young.  The small class size allows the group to progress further because the professors know our abilities.   This program has helped prepare for my career and I highly recommend it for anyone going into public accounting.”

Daniel Okpomor, MBA Class of 2009

Vanguard, Retail Operations

“At the end of the day, the key differentiating factor for the NAU-MBA is the faculty. In my opinion, the NAU-MBA faculty are a committed group of individuals that have as their primary goal your success. That’s something that I sincerely believe, and I was fortunate to experience first hand. I did do extensive research [before choosing NAU-MBA], including outside of the U.S. The pivotal point was when I visited the campus and there was a very sincere, very ubiquitous positive energy in everyone I interacted with from the students to the faculty members to the administrative staff. It just felt like a good fit for me.”

Santiago Sanchez, MBA Class of 2015

Core Mark International, Territory Manager

“Thanks to the career fair that NAU holds, I was introduced to Core Mark International and was hired as a Territory Manager. The different tools learned while studying my MBA at NAU helped me have a smooth adaptation to working for a Fortune 400 company. Since I started, I have had different roles that have directed me on the right track and growing my career at Core Mark International.”

Kaila Sparkman, MBA Class of 2016

Defense Finance and Accounting Services, Accountant

“I chose the NAU MBA program for several reasons. I love having a veteran rep in our college who is always willing and able to help with our special needs. Being able to participate in the Veteran Military Leadership Program was an added bonus. My mentor in forensic accounting was able to give me some great advice. Overall, the FCB is just a great place for veterans to succeed.”

Beth Wixom, MBA Class of 2014

Beach Fleischman, Accounting & Assurance

“For accountants especially, it not only gets your credit hours you need for a CPA certification, it also gives you a competitive advantage over other accounting students. Additionally, if you aspire to reach management level, this program will give you tools to effectively achieve that. It may seem like a big investment, but the program offers a lot of financial aid and GA opportunities. I highly recommend this path, it is quick, effective, and 100% worth it.”