Instructional Leadership, emphasis: K-12 School Leadership (MEd)
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Hall of Fame Criteria

Becoming inducted

The Hall of Fame is open to all NAU alumni and retired FCB professors. Non-alumni can be inducted as honorary members. Criteria fall into the following categories: professional achievements, community service, and loyalty and support to NAU-FCB.

Membership is based on any combination of the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated outstanding achievement and leadership on a community, state, national, or international level
  • Distinction in their chosen fields or professions or in public service
  • Distinguished business leaders
  • Generosity of time and means in support of FCB • NAU
  • Valuable and noteworthy in promoting the ideals of the college’s mission and vision
  • Dedication to and advancement of the academic excellence of business education

Faculty Hall of Fame

At the suggestion of the National Advisory Board, in 2004 we instituted a FCB Faculty Hall of Fame in conjunction with the Alumni Hall of Fame.

Membership is based on any combination of the following criteria:

  • Shows a strong commitment to teaching and helping the college achieve its mission of being a leading provider of personalized business education.
  • A long term and sustained positive impact on student learning.
  • Made unique contributions to the institution and to the lives of their student.
  • Bring real-world business examples into the classroom.
  • Reflect implementation of new and innovative teaching methods such as active learning, special use of technology, problem based learning, use of case studies, service learning, learning assessment, and others.

The nomination process is as follows:

  • Nominations will be open and available on the FCB web site. E-mail
  • Calls for nominations will be publicized on the FCB website
  • Nominations will be forwarded to the National Advisory Board for final selection.

The recognition event will be a dinner the week of Homecoming. Members of the FCB Alumni Hall of Fame are invited on an annual basis for the awards dinner to induct new members. For information about the past induction events and members, please see the Hall of Fame website.

Note: Self nominations are accepted.