Emergency Textbook Loan Program


***SPRING 2018 Applicants****  Due to increased demand for the Emergency Textbook Loan support this semester, we cannot guarantee that all students will have their requests granted.  


Northern Arizona University is pleased to announce the Emergency Textbook Loan program. The purpose of this program is to assist students with unmet financial need in obtaining required textbook(s) for schooling. Textbooks must be returned at the end of the term in which they were loaned. Please review the information below and contact textbookloan@nau.edu with any questions. 


  • Must be an undergraduate student in good academic standing
  • Must be enrolled as a full-time student (12 credits)
  • Must be enrolled and attending the Flagstaff campus at Northern Arizona University
  • Must be referred by a FT NAU staff or faculty member
  • Must be currently enrolled for the class for which the book(s) is required
  • Must be eligible to receive financial aid and meet the definition of financially needy per Federal Title IV definitions.
  • Must have a current FAFSA on file with the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.
  • If selected, the candidate must complete the Financial Literacy 101, Paying for College on-line module (or other module if needed) prior to receiving textbooks (1 hour).

Which books are offered? 

New, used, and rentals are available for this program from the NAU bookstore only.  Clickers, course packs and other suggested materials may be covered.  This program does NOT support anything purchased online or outside the on-campus bookstore.

How many books may a student obtain? 

Students are only allowed to borrow up to four books per semester. There is a limited amount of funding available each academic year, so the actual number of books may vary.  Applications will be considered on a first come-first serve basis.

Students are approved for the Book Loan Program based on a combination of factors that include but are not limited to: 1) eligibility, 2) financial need, 3) date complete application was submitted and 4) past borrower history.

Notification of Award/Denial:  Applications are accepted starting 7 days prior to the start of term.  The priority application deadline is the drop with a “W” date (approximately 9 days after the start of the semester); and the final application deadline is the administrative drop deadline (21st day into the semester).

  • Once applications are accepted, students will be notified via email within 72 hours to confirm receipt of their application, beginning the week before classes begin.
  • An additional email will be sent to confirm or deny a student’s qualification for the Book Loan Program along with additional steps for qualification.
  • Students must then complete the Financial Literacy 101, Paying for College on-line module with 100% completed and 100% correct in order to purchase their text books. A prior participant may have to complete a different online module.
  • Books will be purchased beginning the 2nd week of classes and not sooner.
  • Failure to purchase books by the administrative drop deadline will forfeit the award
Students must complete the Financial Literacy 101, Paying for College on-line module prior to receiving textbooks. 

Returning Textbooks:  All textbooks must be returned to the First-Generation Programs fieldhouse office (room #241) on or before the last day of finals. If a student is tardy in returning their textbook(s), they may be ineligible to participate in the book loan program in future semesters. 

  • Failure to return the book(s) will result in a CHARGE to the student’s LOUIE account for the total value of the unreturned books on the date of purchase.  This may result in a HOLD on the student’s account, which could prevent future registration for classes or access to unofficial transcripts.  This may also result in a reduction of other financial aid received in the academic term.
  • Students who damage or lose books must purchase a new copy of the book(s) or this will also result in a charge to the LOUIE account for the replacement cost of the book(s) at the time of replacement.