Louie's Cupboard


We are students helping students and staff by providing nonperishable food and resources.


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There are many students today who struggle with the expenses of college. Some cannot afford books, others rent. But for many college students, they have limited financial resources to buy food (either groceries or a meal plan). There has been a growing trend of college students throughout the nation not being able to afford something as simple as food, in exchange for financing their education. Although it is wonderful being a Lumber Jack or Jill, in comparison to living in Tucson or Phoenix, students attending school in Flagstaff face a higher cost of living. 

The concept of a campus food pantry (Louie’s Cupboard) started with a class project geared towards social movements. With support from First-Generation Programs and Campus Dining, Louie's Cupboard became a reality.

We served over 300 different students last year through biweekly food distributions.  We provide nonperishable canned and boxed goods including: vegetables, fruit, meat, beans, pasta, grains, and more.  

SUMMER 2018  ---  We are open and available!!!  If you would like to request a food box during the summer months, please contact Tim Melnick at Tim.Melnick@nau.edu 

Fall Semester 2018 Distribution Dates:  (Walk-ins are always welcome) 


(dates not yet set)


All distributions will take place from 3:00pm until 6:00pm on the above dates.   
*** 2018 NEW LOCATION***  We are now located at the University Union Fieldhouse on the Second Floor in the First-Generation Programs office, room #241. 

If you would like more information regarding Louie's Cupboard or would like a food box on non-distribution dates, please contact: Louiecupboard@gmail.com or Tim Melnick at Tim.Melnick@nau.edu To request to receive a food box during our distribution, please complete the request form located at the top of this page.