Financing Your Education


  • Fall 2017 financial aid disbursement will occur on August 19.

  • NAU is improving the process for employee tuition reduction benefit. All requests are now submitted on the HR's website. Check your e-mail for more information on the Employee Tuition Reduction Program (formerly known as the EARP).

    • If you are an ASU or UofA employee, please contact your institution for completing the Qualified Tuition Reduction form. All questions, and completed approved forms from ASU or UofA can be directed to Be sure to obtain all required signatures before submitting your form.

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  • Read more on changes to the FAFSA process 2017-18 and the FAQs.

  • Check out Financial Avenue! Free online courses, focusing on all aspects of personal finances. Start today by setting up an account at - Access Code is fgh44k

Investing in a college education is a smart decision. Northern Arizona University's Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid is committed to guiding you and your family through the process of applying for federal and state financial aid, and to helping you find possible scholarship opportunities. We'll help you find the right options to finance your education and increase the value of your university experience.