The Family Violence Institute (FVI) at Northern Arizona University is the first of its kind in Arizona. It provides a vibrant forum for research, scholarship, education, and public policy work addressing family violence, one of the urgent challenges of our time.

Our team

  • Works with communities in Arizona and across the United States to improve coordinated community responses to family violence and prevent homicides and suicides.
  • Delivers undergraduate and graduate research opportunities for NAU students.
  • Conducts program evaluations.
  • Organizes professional and public events, workshops, and conferences.
  • Offers meaningful opportunities for donors. 

Our approach

  • Is non-partisan, objective, and relies on evidence-based research to inform practice, policy, and grant work. 

Our impact

  • We provide states, cities, municipalities, and communities with the tools to confront family violence. 
  • We contribute to the health, happiness, employability, and productivity of human populations. 
  • We educate students in the art of conducting research and enhance student recruitment and retention.