Asbestos, lead, and PCBs

Asbestos fibers (SEM micrograph)

Many buildings across the country contain various hazardous compounds in building materials that are now regulated under State or Federal law. Northern Arizona University has developed and maintains a variety of safety programs to inspect, maintain, or remove and dispose of hazardous compounds such as asbestos-, lead-, and/or PCB-containing materials. The purpose of these programs is to protect the health of faculty, staff, and students as well as the general public, maintain compliance with state and federal environmental regulations, and manage any disturbance or waste in a safe and legal fashion.

Before sanding, demolishing, or otherwise disturbing any installed building components, employees must complete and submit the online Asbestos and Hazardous Material Inspection Request form. This form initiates the inspection process associated with asbestos, lead, and PCB. For more information on inspection turnaround times, please refer to the Asbestos Inspection Timeframes guideline, or the safety program manuals and training documents below.

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Training Manuals:
  • Asbestos (under development)
  • Lead (under development)
Inspection Resources: 
Standard Operating Procedures for Lead: