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Sustainability Leadership Awards

Leading the Way Toward a Greener Tomorrow

Our Sustainability Leadership Awards recognize individuals around the university who enhance the culture of sustainability.

Our Awards

Each year, the Environmental Caucus awards outstanding efforts of students and community members for their work on green initiatives. We are proud to have a positive impact on the environment in and around Flagstaff, and enjoy recognizing those who make a difference!

Henry O. Hooper Sustainability Cash Prize: Students Only

This annual award recognizes significant sustainability contributions of undergraduate and graduate students. Nominated students must be currently enrolled and have demonstrated initiative, productivity, and a dedication to NAU’s commitment to sustainability through education, collaboration, and/or research on sustainability or the environment.

Areas of special focus include:

  • NAU campus sustainability (examples: climate change, transportation, energy, water and landscape systems, recycling or waste, and campus food systems)
  • local community-based sustainability projects
  • environmentally sustainable business practices
  • natural resources and ecosystem science/management
  • environmental health in tribal and rural communities

Sustainability Awards: Students, Faculty, Staff, and Flagstaff Community Members

Awards are given annually to:

  • NAU Graduate Student
  • NAU Undergraduate Student
  • NAU Organization
  • NAU Faculty
  • NAU Staff
  • NAU Leadership Award
  • Flagstaff Community Project/Organization

Nominees should be involved in projects or taking significant actions to positively impact the environment either on campus or in the greater Flagstaff area.


Nomination Information

Nomination specifics include:

  • Deadline: March 5, 2018
  • Anyone can be nominated as long as they are a member of the NAU or greater Flagstaff communities. Students nominated must be currently enrolled.
  • Click the button below and submit nominee information via the online form, or if you prefer, you may upload a nomination letter and an optional letter of support via the “choose file” buttons located towards the bottom of the form. You may choose either method.
  • Awards ceremony will be held April 19, 2018 – 5pm at the Native American Cultural Center.

Who Is Eligible To Receive an Award?

For the Environmental Caucus, sustainability means increasing the health of our community and our planet. By understanding the problems we face—and through taking subsequent action—we will enhance the stability, resilience, and diversity of our intertwined natural, social, economic, and cultural systems. A sustainability award nominee should recognize the objectives of our mission, undertaking significant actions that would result in positive impacts to the sustainability of our local community, with either immediate or long-term impacts.