EMSA Student Surveys

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The Purpose of Student Surveys

Offices and programs across Enrollment Management & Student Affairs use the information gathered from student surveys to understand students’ needs and characteristics, measure learning and development, and improve practices and services. 

Recent Surveys and Incentive Winners

Student Learning Outcomes Survey
Spring, 2017 Incentive Winner: Dan Pearson
Students learn from a variety of experiences, both in and out of the classroom. Offices across Enrollment Management and Student Affairs use this survey to find out what students gain from participation in the activities, programs, and resources offered.

Freshman Experiences Survey
Fall, 2016 Incentive Winner: Sam Archuleta
The survey is used by various offices and programs across the university to gather information about the experiences of freshmen during their first semester. Programs and offices use the results of this survey to better understand the needs and characteristics of the first-year students that they serve.

Welcome Week Survey
Fall, 2016 Incentive Winner: Melisa Lundy
This survey was developed by the Welcome Week Committee to measure how well the activities of Welcome Week helped students get involved and become a part of the campus community. Feedback will be used to inform decisions while planning next year's events.

Orientation Survey
Summer, 2016 Incentive Winner: Melina Corral-Cordero
This survey is used by the department of Undergraduate Admissions and Orientation to collect information regarding demographics of Orientation attendees and their satisfaction with Orientation events and activities.

New Transfer Student Survey
Spring, 2016 Incentive Winner: Alexanderia Nelson
This survey is used primarily by the EMSA Transfer and Commuter Connections office to gather information from new transfer students about their experience with the transfer process, and to provide info about the services and resources available to them through the Transfer and Commuter Connections office.

Campus Climate Survey
Spring, 2016 Incentive Winner: Tyler Marchini
This survey was developed by representatives from Inclusion and Multicultural Services, the Commission on Ethnic Diversity, the LGBTQIA Commission, and other offices to collect information on student demographics and identity, use and understanding of campus services and programs, and experiences in and out of the classroom.