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The Focus of the Analytics and Assessment Office

The EMSA Analytics and Assessment Office is a resource that provides strategic analytics and meaningful assessment within and across EMSA departments. The goal of the department is to provide information that positively impacts student recruitment and enrollment, enhances the student experience, and improves student success. To that end, we provide a range of analyses from students’ first contact with the university through their entire career here, including: 

 Operational reports, such as targeted population outreach lists, cohort academic and demographic profiles, and program participation data

  • Strategic analyses regarding competitors, market position, financial aid leveraging, scholarships, admissions yield, and class size
  • Assessment of resource use, student opinion and satisfaction , student learning and development, and campus climate
  • Evaluation of program and divisional effectiveness related to student retention and academic performance and progress.

A collaborative, consultative approach is foundational to the Analytics and Assessment Office. Thus, the office works closely with staff across the division and at times with staff and faculty across the university to identify and measure outcomes, provide training, refine analytical techniques/methods, and engage in the application of findings to improve practice, policy, services, and programs.

Analytics and Assessment Groups

The EMSA Assessment Office relies on groups of representatives across the division to conduct assessment within our departments, engage in the application of assessment findings to improve our programs/services, and act as liaisons between offices.  The EMSA Assessment groups include:

  • The Survey Team reviews survey content to eliminate redundancy and ensure quality and that  coordinates survey administrations to reduce student survey fatigue and prevent competition for survey respondents across the division.
  • The Program Planning group works to align program efforts with desired outcomes, processes results with peers, and shares assessment techniques helpful to program management.
  • The Goals and Reporting Committee is a streamlined version of the former EMSA Strategic Planning committee. This committee identifies key performance indicators and assessment projects within departments and reports results collectively in an annual EMSA report.
  • The Event Assessment Group focuses on evaluating the impact of event attendance on participating students.  The group shares assessment techniques and reviews divisional assessment efforts to measure learning and development across events.  


Margot Saltonstall, Ph.D.

Chad Eickhoff
Research Analyst, Sr.

Jared Hopkins
Research Analyst

Theo Trotman
Research Analyst

Shelly Pleasants