Join the Campus Dining O2GO program!

Campus Dining and the Green Fund have partnered together to implement a revolutionary new system in Union Point which eliminates traditional disposable take-out containers. Where food and beverages are served “to-go” in paper, plastic and cardboard containers, the new OZZI system is making a is a truly amazing system that is changing America from a disposable society into a nation that is devoted to more sustainable and ecologically minded reusable containers.

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Who can participate?
NAU students, faculty and staff can participate.
How do I start using the Campus Dining O2GO program?
Go to one of the participating Campus Dining locations to purchase a reusable container with your meal for an extra $5.00 (Dining Dollars and JDE accepted).
What are the dining locations participating in the Campus Dining O2GO program?

There are 5 Campus Dining locations within the University Union participating in the Campus Dining O2GO reusable container program. Those locations are:

  • Denny's Fresh Express 
  • Star Ginger
  • Cobrizo Mexican Grill
  • Turnip the Greens
  • G's New York-Style Deli
How do I get a reusable container with my meal?
When placing your order at any of the participating locations, you may purchase a reusable container for $5 or if you are already participating in the Campus Dining O2GO program, you can redeem your token for a new container.
Where can I take my reusable container when I get food?
Reusable containers are made to-go.  Therefore, you can take the Campus Dining O2GO container with you wherever you go and then return it to the machine in Union Point.
Where do I return my used container?
Containers need to be returned to the  OZZI machine that is located in Union Point of the University Union. The machine is located next to the infused water station near Star Ginger.
How do I return the Campus Dining O2GO container when I am done?
When you are finished with you container, rinse out any remaining food particles then go to the OZZI machine in Union Point.  Insert the container into the opening, wait for the machine to scan the container, and then push the container completely into the machine.  You will then receive a token to redeem for another container next time you get food at a participating location.
What do I do with the token I get from the OZZI machine?
The token you receive after returning your used container to the OZZI machine is used to redeem a new container at any of the participating Campus Dining locations.  When placing your food order, tell the location representative that you are partaking in the Campus Dining O2GO program and need a new container.
Where do the containers go when I place it in the OZZI machine?
The OZZI machine has a barcode scanner that scans the container when it is placed in the opening of the machine.  Once the machine accepts the container it goes into the machine's cart and NAU Campus Dining employees with collect the returned containers and take them to the dish room to be cleaned.
How many times can I use the Campus Dining O2GO program?
You can use the program as many times as you would like.  As long as you return the container and receive a token you can continue to use the program. 
What happens if I lose my token?
If you lose your token you will have to purchase another container at a participating location.
What happens to containers that get broken?
Campus Dining O2GOcontainers that are broken will be recycled.
Will I get fined if I break a container?
You will not get fined for breaking a container, but in order to re-enter the program you will have to purchase another container at a participating location.
Who is funding the Campus Dining O2GO program?
The Green Fund is funding the program through the $5.00 Green Fee.
Why should I participate in the program?
Single use disposables are currently a large part of the NAU community waste system; this program will reduce landfill waste on campus significantly.  This is in line with the carbon neutrality goals and climate action plan for NAU.  In addition, by supporting this program you will also be supporting future reusable container programs on campus in order to more closer to a zero-waste campus.
Why is there a card reader on the machine?
The NAU administration in working closely with OZZI and Blackboard to allow for a card swiping system to replace the tokens as soon as Fall 2018.  Until this time the machine will use tokens.
When will there be machines on south campus?
In the future NAU hopes to purchase more machines for south campus.