Chatbot Phrases

Louie Lumberjack Phrases

The following are a sample of some of the questions/phrases supported by Louie Chatbot


  1. How do I ….
  2. Tell me about…


  1. Where do I go to access my online class?
  2. What textbooks do I need to buy for my classes?
  3. What is blackboard?
  4. Where can I buy my books on campus?
  5. What is the peer jacks mentoring program? / Tell me about peer jacks.
  6. Who is my peer jack mentor?
  7. I want to drop out of school.
  8. Who are my professors?
  9. When is graduation?
  10. When is the last day to add/drop a class?
  11. When is spring break?
  12. How many students attend NAU?
  13. Where can I get a yellow bike?
  14. Can seniors live on campus?
  15. What housing options are available for returning students?
  16. Where do international students live?
  17. What is the fixed tuition pledge?
  18. Who can I speak with about changing my major?
  19. How do I change my major?
  20. How do I add/drop a minor?
  21. When is graduation?
  22. When do spring/winter/fall/summer classes begin?
  23. What is the last day to drop?
  24. What is the Gateway Student Success Center?
  25. How do I get help with blackboard?
  26. How do I use Louie?
  27. Where can I find my grade card?
  28. Where can I print?
  29. What is Jacks Print?
  30. Why does my document appear blank after submitting to Learn?
  31. How do I fix my BB Learn course?
  32. How do I delete To Do items in Louie?
  33. What are the library hours?
  34. Are there computers available in the math center?
  35. How can I reserve a study room in the library?
  36. Where can I get a cap and gown?
  37. What services are available to native Americans?
  38. What services are available through the native American cultural center?
  39. How can I audit a course?
  40. Where can I find my class schedule?
  41. What are general elective courses?
  42. What is an incomplete grade?
  43. Can you explain multi term enrollment?
  44. How do I get NAU to verify my attendance?
  45. How do I apply for graduation?
  46. Can I get a copy of my transcript?
  47. When do course evaluations closed?
  48. Where can I take a proctored exam?
  49. What is the ___________ program like?
  50. Where can I get help with studying?
  51. Can I learn online?
  52. How do I get to my online course?
  53. Where do I find my online course?
  54. Where can I get help with the GRE, GMAT, or LSAT?
  55. How do I change the answers to a course evaluation?
  56. How do I add/drop classes?
  57. Where are disability resources located?
  58. Can disability resources help me?
  59. What does disability resources offer?
  60. What’s my student ID number?


  1. Tell me about how to apply.
  2. How does a graduate/doctoral student apply for admission?
  3. What transcripts do I need to provide for admission?
  4. How do transfer students apply for admissions?
  5. How do I apply for admission?
  6. What are the admissions requirements?
  7. When will a decision be made on my application?
  8. What is admissions telephone number?
  9. What documentation do I need for in state residency?
  10. How do I contact the registrar?
  11. How do I order transcripts?
  12. Why should I go to NAU?
  13. What is the email address for the admissions office?
  14. How can I apply as a non degree seeking student?
  15. Can family members attend orientation?
  16. Can you accommodate special needs at orientation?
  17. What should I bring to orientation?
  18. How do I get admitted into the Honors program?
  19. How much does it cost to apply to NAU?


Advising and Counseling

  1. I would like to talk to my advisor.
  2. I need help with my class schedule.
  3. I’m having trouble with my roommate.
  4. I’d like/how do I file a complaint.
  5. I need to drop all my classes/ I need to withdraw from school.
  6. I’m thinking of suicide.
  7. What do I do if I miss a class?
  8. I’m having trouble coping…
  9. I don’t feel like I belong here.
  10. Where can I report domestic violence?
  11. What do I do if I have a family emergency?
  12. I’m so stressed out.
  13. I need help managing stress.
  14. Where can I get help with addiction?
  15. Where can I get help for a friend?
  16. Does NAU have an office of inclusion?
  17. I need help contacting a faculty member.
  18. Can I have a service animal?
  19. What do I do if I am being hazed?
  20. Where can I get help with addiction?
  21. I’m having trouble in one of my classes.
  22. What do I do if I’m feeling overwhelmed?
  23. Where do I schedule counseling appointments?
  24. What is the NAU Paws Your Stress?
  25. Where is the NAU Paws Your Stress?
  26. What therapy services does NAU offer?
  27. Am I eligible for any therapy services at NAU?


  1. What sports teams do we have?
  2. Tell me about the athletic department.
  3. What club sports are available at NAU?
  4. When is the next _____________ game?
  5. What are club sports?
  6. Can I join a sport?
  7. Does NAU have eSports?


  1. You need to improve the…
  2. I need help with a class
  3. Nobody will answer my question/ I need help with a question.
  4. Wifi sucks.
  5. Do you know any jokes?
  6. Do you know any songs?
  7. NAU needs to improve _______.
  8. I want to speak to person.

Fiscal and FinAid Services

  1. How do I pay my bill?
  2. How do I remove the holds on my account?
  3. What is the cost of attendance?
  4. Tell me about my financial aid package.
  5. Tell me about out of state tuition.
  6. How do I get Arizona residency?
  7. What does it cost to attend NAU?
  8. When do I need to pay my tuition?
  9. Where do I get a 1098T?
  10. Tell me about the W2.
  11. What tax forms do I need to file?
  12. How do I apply for financial aid?
  13. When do I get my financial aid money?
  14. Who can tell me how much financial aid I have?
  15. Where can I get more information about the lumberjack scholarship?
  16. Where can I get more information about a plus loan?
  17. How do I apply for scholarships?
  18. When can I get my financial aid?
  19. I’m struggling to pay my bill. / How can I get assistancepaying my bill?
  20. When will my scholarship show up?
  21. What is FAFSA?
  22. How do I add more money on to my Jack’s card?
  23. How much money is on my Jack’s card?
  24. Do I qualify for Federal Work Study?
  25. What is Benji?

Food Services

  1. I’m hungry!
  2. Where can I find _____?
  3. What’s on the menu at _________?
  4. Where’s the food truck?
  5. Where can I get a _____?
  6. Where can I get food assistance?
  7. I need help paying for food.
  8. What are the dining options available in the HLC?
  9. Where can I get some food?
  10. Are there any restaurants on campus?
  11. Where is Louie’s cupboard?
  12. How do I get the app for the robots?


Location Information

  1. Where is building ___?
  2. Where is the Geology building?
  3. What building is financial aid in?
  4. What building can I find food in?
  5. Where’s the Skydome?

NAU Medical Services

  1. I’m not feeling well
  2. How do I schedule a doctor appointment?
  3. Where is NAU medical services?
  4. Will NAU Medical services treat me for ______?
  5. What insurances does NAU Medical Service take?

News and Information

  1. Where am I?
  2. What time is it?
  3. What is the weather like?
  4. What is the news?
  5. Are we having a snow day?
  6. What is proposition 300?
  7. What childcare services do you offer?
  8. Where can I get more information on Flagstaff?
  9. What is NAUgo?
  10. Who is ______?
  11. News Show.
  12. NAU News
  13. Are we closed?
  14. What is the status of the university?
  15. What services do you provide veterans?
  16. I’d like to listen to the NAU news.
  17. What services are available in the union?
  18. What are the post office hours?
  19. Does NAU have a swimming pool?
  20. How many faculty does NAU have?
  21. What is NAU’s policy on vaccination?
  22. Where is NAU located?
  23. What majors does NAU offer?
  24. Who is the president of NAU?
  25. What is the student news? /What are the lumberjack headlines?
  26. Can you show me a map of campus?
  27. What are the robots I see around campus?
  28. What is the weather like in Flagstaff?
  29. What’s the weather tomorrow?


  1. What are the parking rules?
  2. Where is the parking office?
  3. When am I allowed to park at this lot?
  4. How do I dispute a ticket?
  5. Where can I get a parking permit?
  6. How much does a parking permit cost?


  1. Where can I report an assault?
  2. What do I do if I’m sexually assaulted?
  3. How can I contact the NAU police?
  4. What’s the NAUPD’s number?

Service Status

  1. Is the pool open?
  2. Is the post office open?
  3. Is financial aid open?
  4. What is the math center status?
  5. Is the bookstore open?
  6. Is the math center open?
  7. Is the wedge open? Is Starbucks open?
  8. What are the post office hours/ Is the post office open?
  9. What time does _______ open/close?
  10. Is NAU medical services open?

Student Engagement

  1. What is boundaryless?
  2. What events are happening on campus?
  3. What events are happening in the library?
  4. What student activities can I participate in?
  5. What clubs can I join?
  6. Where can I meet other students?
  7. What’s going on in the library this week?
  8. What’s happening at NAU this week?
  9. Who are the lumberjacks playing this week?
  10. Tell me about library events going on this week.
  11. What movies are playing this week?
  12. What activities are occurring during family weekend?
  13. Where can I get more information about family weekend?
  14. What is the clear bag policy?
  15. What music events are going on?
  16. Where can I buy theatre tickets?
  17. Where can I buy opera tickets?
  18. Is this recital free?
  19. Who’s playing in the recital?
  20. What are the fraternities/sororities on campus?
  21. Where are movies shown?
  22. How much does it cost to see a movie?

Student Life/Housing

  1. How do I become more involved in things?
  2. Where can I get information about on campus jobs?
  3. Where can I get more information on housing?
  4. Can I pick my roommate?
  5. How do I choose my residence hall?
  6. How do I cancel my housing?
  7. How do I change roommates?
  8. I want to change rooms.
  9. What is the housing department for?
  10. How do I request my friend as a roommate?
  11. How can I get repairs made to my residence hall dorm room?
  12. Who do I call about fixing my window?
  13. I’m having a problemwith my roommate.
  14. How do I sign up for emergency alerts?
  15. How do I get around Flagstaff?
  16. What is the bus schedule?
  17. How do I remove myself from emergency alerts?
  18. Does my jacks card expire?
  19. Where can I check my dining dollars?
  20. Tell me about the meal plan.
  21. Where can I apply for a job on campus?
  22. How do I use Handshake?
  23. How do I become an RA?
  24. Where can I find my housing contract?


  1. What is the status of service incident?
  2. Create incident ticket.
  3. I need service information on ______.
  4. Where can I file a formal complaint?
  5. What is the status of incident ______?

Technology Services

  1. What is my username?
  2. How do I change my password?
  3. Where can I get my computer repaired?
  4. How do I connect my device to Wi-Fi?
  5. How do I change my password?
  6. Can I use my laptopon the NAU network?
  7. Why do I have to change my password so much?
  8. How do I reach tech support?
  9. Who can fix my computer?
  10. Where is the student technology center?
  11. I need to get my computer fixed.
  12. Create a service ticket….
  13. How do I use the maker lab?
  14. How can I download software for my computer?
  15. How do I access guest Wi-Fi services?
  16. Can I access software online?
  17. How do I access SPSS?
  18. How do I get emailon my phone?
  19. Where can I download Microsoft software?
  20. Can I use my wireless printer?
  21. Where can I get help with technology?
  22. What’s my Louie log in?
  23. Do we have an apple certified store?
  24. Where is the apple certified store?

Note: It may be possible to login on some devices to establish a verified nau email address. While personalized service are not yet offered through Louie Chatbot,  a user provided and verified valid NAU email is often used as a reference point for service and contact requests.