Welcome to the Office of Data Governance for Northern Arizona University.


The Data Governance initiative at Northern Arizona University was launched in the Fall of 2016, with the primary goal to improve the accuracy, consistency, and availability of quality data and information.  NAU’s Data Governance Model demonstrates the ultimate owners of NAU data are the Arizona Board of Regents, NAU’s President, and NAU’s Executive Team. Various Data Governance Advisory Committees have been strategically developed to provide guidance through the involvement of functional areas from across the university.  Security, communication, and collaboration between teams are keys to ensuring all aspects of data management, technology, and web/digital strategy are being used to effectively advance strategic initiatives and institutional improvement.  

Data Governance Training

The Data Navigation Overview Training will help newer employees find and use the most frequently requested reports and build contacts for questions they can’t answer. The session is also valuable for employees who have an interest in broadening their understanding of data and resources at NAU.  The training focuses on “hot topics” – offices or issues that receive the most questions.  An overview of NAU’s new Data Governance Initiative will be provided, and experts from the Budget Office, the Comptroller’s Office, Cline Library, Human Resources, and Institutional Research and Analysis will provide key insight.  This training will not provide in-depth content about each of these areas, but instead will provide a broad overview of available data and resources.  

Online training available soon