A high performing team of professionals providing excellent service, innovative solutions, and expertise in procurement, contracting, materials management, and risk management.


The mission of Contracting, Purchasing and Risk Management (CPRM) is to satisfy the requirements of our internal and external customers in a timely, efficient manner in support of the University's overall mission and goals while ensuring compliance with regulations set forth by the federal government, the State of Arizona, the Arizona Board of Regents, and the University.

Strategic Plan: 

Communication Strategy:

  • Implement standard training and round table meet-and-greet sessions.
  • Develop customer quick reference guide.
  • Publish Quarterly Newsletter.
  • Develop annual CPRM administration report to include quick facts.

Organizational Effectiveness Strategy:

  • Develop and Implement Service Level Expectations for all positions including specific service metrics.
  • Develop and Implement cross training opportunities for areas. 
  • Develop and Implement project timelines for all solicitations.
  • Develop and Implement annual plan for campus procurement needs.

Workforce Excellence Strategy:

  • Implement professional development and training strategies for CPRM staff.
  • Modernize job descriptions, department name, and compensation categories for staff.

Service Quality Strategy:  

  • Continuously review processes for improvement opportunities.
  • Determine where standard agreements would be beneficial.
  • Utilize standard agreements when applicable.
  • Establish standard communication expectations for projects and daily work. 
  • Benchmark and review performance metrics to improve departmental performance.